The Glorious History of Mountain Biking

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Mountain biking was first started in 1970s when riders used to ride on their bicycles on road to rugged terrain. In earlier times anyone who wished to do mountain biking has to build their own bike according to their own specifications, to make it light in weight for a rougher ride. Mountain biking has developed over the last 20 years and has reached a competitive level.

During the early years, mountain bike riders were involved in racing in which they use to take their bikes up to the mountains and hills and racing them down the descent. Earlier, the bicycles were not properly equipped with the speed that they needed on the surfaces that they ride or the descent. The breaks used to over heat and the suspensions and frames could not handle the pressure during the ride. Because of all these problems the bikers started making their own bikes according to own their specifications for the sport and these parts were available in the market with bikes for mountain biking.

So, what are the qualities of a good mountain bike? The present mountain bikes have breaks that are good and don’t overheat and have good breaking capabilities. The frames of these mountain bikes are heavier and the suspension is more durable. It has double suspension absorber that handles the vibrations and jolts on the rough areas on mountains. These bikes are made heavier as compared to the normal bikes.

The breaks in the specialized mountain bikes are good and don’t overheat easily. There are a number of parts and breaking system of mountain bikes that have evolved. The most important development was made in the breaks that do not overheat easily and which allows the mountain bikes gradually to break. These bikes gradually break without overheating both the tires and the breaks.

Another consideration for a good mountain bike is gears. It helps the riders to race over in mountain or inclines, up steep hills or rough terrains. So, to manage all these types of situations bikes with multiple gears are a must. Gears help the bikers to traverse from different gradients while descending and ascending hills and mountains. The bikes are the same as cars, the more gears in a car, the more that it becomes responsive and manageable when right gears are applied. The same is with the bike, the more gears in it, the better they can tackle the terrain. The tires of mountain bikes are thicker and wider as compared to the street bikes to beat the mountain bike trails.

Mountain biking has evolved as a sport so much that it is not meant for the faint hearted people. Especially, men’s mountain biking has evolved so much and there are many trails that are identified and reviewed worldwide. Mountain biking as a sport shows the navigation skills, survival skills and endurance who can ride their bikes in any situation due to the nature of the routes. However, safety equipments and a good mountain bike also help the rider in finishing up uninjured and in winning the race.

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