The Future of communication

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I think the next century; the educational revolution will ensure that learning will be completely liberated from the tyrannies of schedules and locations. Anybody, anywhere will be able to study any subject, and access any form of information – at his or her most comfortable speed. This will make education the life-long process it must be. *** I defiantly think the future of communications is in people. People will become more open to discussion or chat. Interaction of any kind is an important form learning, even body language; people will be more expressive and affectionate with each other.

Who knows? The world may be a safer and ever more comfortable place to live…. I mean, we have seen single-interest groups – pro-choice, environmental, animal rights, and gay rights groups being the most prominent in the past centuary. Although I am always feeling since reading about the hardcore 60s that social revolution has wilted to becoming defensive battles, which seem very unlikely to create broad social change. I find most* of the struggle seem so hopeless; single-interest groups are plagued by burnout and membership turnover.

The end result is that corporate capitalism reigns triumphant, and what little opposition to it that exists is weak and divided. “The top 1% of the population own more than the bottom 90% of the population combined. The top 1% own 40% of the nation’s wealth and the next 9% own another 30%, which means that the top 10% own 70% of the nation’s wealth; that leaves another 30% of the wealth for the remaining 90% of us, with most of that distributed toward the top end. So, the bottom 50% of the population own nearly nothing – maybe a car and, if we’re lucky, a heavily mortgaged house.

” Chaz Bufe We live in a world which is deeply unsatisfying for most people, a world in which many of our most basic needs – for love, peace, freedom, security, and meaning in life – are not being met. I think in the future communications will help us evolve into proper human beings. But I don’t believe technology will be the primary tool for doing this. In fact technology is just as useful as a book, or ancient stone carving on a cave wall. I think it’s all about the people.

“He helped create the techno-world in which many of us now live, and one can’t help feel that, like us, he too is partly enslaved by it. ‘The last thing I wrote was a little squib of 500 words,’ he said. ‘It isn’t easy to write because I spend so much time dealing with e-mails. ‘ A problem with computer communications even Arthur C Clarke failed to extrapolate. ” I think the whole email thing is totally impersonal. “The ZEGG experiment is made up largely of individuals with political understanding and political backgrounds (many from the student, feminist, and anti-nuclear movements).

It’s apparently prospering and spawning offshoots, despite its being burdened with a “feminist” psychobiological ideology (that posits that attitudes and traits such as cooperativeness, no competitiveness and nurturance are inherently female, and that women, therefore, must lead the way for men),(1) a disturbing reverence for the project’s founder (which, to his credit, he does not encourage), and a generally uncritical acceptance of the sometimes exotic, unsupported concepts of the group’s leaders.

” Brenda Klase The nearest thing that we have to such a communication community at present is the ZEGG experiment in Germany. But reading reports it’s far from perfect. ZEGG sounds like it is an exciting place, if not a very important model for communication, filled with ideas, supportive people pursuing their passions, and which incorporates in what looks like the willingnest to communicate in a totally human way.

I find, and as demonstrated; a high level of communication reduces xenophobia because persons who exchange valuable information and therefore have to rely on each other, tending to be less hostile. Tecnology will form some kind(s) of communication network(s) and will surpass language barriers, and the existing babel of tongues. Tho…. It makes me think if it were possible to flee from all communication to a faraway island, or is there no escape from the social control and obligation to remain within reach?

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