The Essentials Of Triathlon

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First of all, it’s all about getting ready. More than anything else, it is important to understand what you are getting into and what you will be training for. Taking part and training for a Triathlon is no easy task. And it is definitely not possible for the faint hearted or the ones who do not believe in their own strengths and capabilities and get worried at the slightest pull of a muscle or pain in the thighs.

If you need to get somewhere, especially in this tough field, you need to give up a lot to get it. So it’s important to get yourself mentally prepared for what lies ahead. Triathlon means three sports events all in one. So its triple the energy requirement, triple the stamina, triple the skill but also triple the recognition and sense of satisfaction.

Another important factor is warming up. Before you start of with work on any of the three sports activities, you need to have a rigorous warm up session. Jogging, fast walking, mild running, casual swims, stretching, breathing exercises and others will all help. It’s also important to get your posture sorted out in this warm up session. If this warm up does not occur and you go straight into running, swimming or cycling, you’ll end up with sore muscles, paining thighs, a feeling of breathlessness and more often than not, a broken leg or back. And that is the last thing you would want.

An essential for success is consistency. Triathlon training does not require twenty-four hour hard work. Yes it requires long hours but it is of utmost importance that this hard work is consistence or is done regularly. A two-week session of rigorous practice does not work if you go off on a holiday for the week after. Regular continues practice is required without any breaks. Although one of the things to take care of is overloading.

The human body is a marvelous piece of work and can go on for hours and hours. But the last thing you would want to do is to over load yourself. Don’t try and attempt to do arduous exercises in the first go. Develop your body and your stamina. Don’t try and train yourself for working twenty-four hours a day. Rest is essential for every Athlete to grow. Drink lots of water and don’t pressurize your body or your brain to do work that you at first are not fit to do. This could have worse consequences than not exercising regularly.

Lastly is interest building. Long hours of training in the same thing can tend to make you think of the sporting event as boring. It is very easy to lose interest. Hence, make your workouts, your exercises, and your practice sessions interesting. Experiment with different things, with different people at different intervals of time. Always keep your goal in your head. Work outs and practice sessions are best done in a group as then you can ensure that if you yourself cease to inspire yourself, you’ll always get inspired by the person next to you. Energy levels will also be high and you will not lose interest in what you are doing as now you will be doing it along with someone else. This does not mean weakening or losing your focus. It rather means strengthening it and making it more fixed and also constantly being aware of the competition.

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