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Air rushed past him at incredible speed. The heat was infuriating. Buildings flashed past him as he was being propelled to an unknown location. He shivered at the thought of what they might do to him. He could just imagine it; those of them wanting to torture him, not let him to go.

The vehicle came to a halt, the rubber tyres smoking heavily as they came quickly to a standstill. The thin man sighed, almost in fear. The heavy metal door swung open, and checking that the coast was clear, he was told to get out. The two men, who looked like they had stepped out of an action movie stood beside him. One pulled out a gun. They looked almost like twins, impermeable sunglasses, pitch black suits and immaculately clean shirts. Even their shoes seemed to reflect light in an intimidating manner. Behind him, the tall, unholy suited figure waved his gun and told him to follow him. His accomplices took up his position at the back; it looked as if it had been done a thousand times before.

He walked to the door and felt a repugnant smell of something freshly burnt as he walked into this heated realm. Suddenly everything seemed to change. The brightness of the light overhead took him by surprise; he could feel its uncomfortable warmth engulf his body. A bead of sweat rolled down his creased brow. At this rate he thought he could never survive the heat, let alone anything else they may throw at him. He felt himself being pushed forcefully over the blind edge. He was lucky; he thought, not to have fallen as an old, rusty stairwell had been raised there.

The descent down the rickety, infirm metal stairs was unpleasant on its own, as the heat could be felt through the skinny soles of his leather shoes, almost causing his feet to roast in the confines. But with the additional weight of the others and the fact he was almost squashed unnerved him a bit. As he thought this he heard a creak, showing that they might collapse any second. He gulped, and continued to move.

He finally made it down to level ground, glad he had made it so far. The front, bulky silhouette waved his gun and beckoned him to follow. The man did as he was told. Although he did not feel as claustrophobic as he did on the stairs, but the extremity of the heat made him like oil in a frying pan, wanting to get out, but not able too.

All around him was bare, no character to the land. The heat haze blurred his long distance vision; he could only see what was close to him. He felt trapped, what was out there that he couldn’t see?

He dreaded the moment they arrived, what would happen? Would they all come at him in a rush? Would they, one by one target him? He shuddered at these terrible possibilities.

The pace of the leader quickened. He had no choice other than to speed up as well, not knowing his fate if he did not. This was a terrible environment, he thought. How could people work, let alone live in conditions such as these?

He saw the doors in the distance. He knew he was almost there. The leader looked behind, checking on him, his sunglasses flashing, giving him an indecipherable look. His heart beat could almost have been audible to the people outside.

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