The Equipment Used For Table Tennis

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There are different types of equipment that are considered to be useful for Table Tennis. Amongst this equipment, the most important ones are the ball, the racket and the table. The game of table tennis essentially involves the use of a lightweight ball.

According to the different international rules and regulations that have been specified for the game, the weight of the ball should be 2.7 grams and the diameter of the ball should be 40 mm. In most of the cases, these are the specifications that are used for the ball.

Another criterion that plays an important role in selecting the ball for the game is the height to which a ball should bounce back when a height of 30 cms is used to drop the ball. In such a case, it is required that the ball should bounce back to a height of at least 23 cms. The material that is used for manufacturing the ball used in this game is celluloid which is gas-filled. The use of this material is made to manufacture the ball as it has good bouncing properties.

The color of the ball is generally orange or white and the finish that is ensured for the ball is matte. Out of the two, the color that is chosen for the ball is made either as per the surroundings or in accordance with the color of the table. The star rating is used to indicate the quality of the ball that is made use of in table tennis. The ball which is having the highest quality is awarded 3 stars. Most of official competitions make use of the ball that has been awarded 3 stars.

The second important equipment used in this sport is the table. There are certain standard specifications that have to be ensured as far as the size of the table is concerned. These are in accordance with the set international regulations for the game. The material that is used to manufacture this table is timber or a kind of hardboard. A coating which is low-friction in nature is generally used to produce a fine and smooth layer on the table. There are two halves in which the playing table is divided and a net is generally used to divide the table in two equal halves. There are three colors which are often used to prepare the surface of the table. These are green, blue or red.

The third important equipment in the sport of table tennis is the racket. Most of the rackets are made up of wood and they are laminated in nature. The wooden surface of the table tennis racket is generally covered with rubber on either one side or on both the sides depending on what kind of grip is being looked for by the player. There are different names that have been associated with a table tennis racket in different parts of the world. These names include blade, bat, and paddle, and off course racket. The term ‘bat’ is more common and prevalent in Europe while the term ‘paddle’ is generally used in the US. However, the official term that is acceptable worldwide and that has been given by ITTF is ‘racket’.

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