The Eight Parts of Speech

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NounIt names a person, place, thing or idea.

Examples: boy, library, ball, justice.

VerbIt expresses an action or names a state of being.
Examples: slide, write, fly …. be, is, are, was, were…
PronounIt takes the place of noun(s) to make our language briefer and less repetitive.
Examples: we, he, she, it, you, they, us …

AdverbIt modifies (provides more information about) verbs, adjectives and other adverbs. They answer the questions How? When? Where? How Often?
Children learn languages easily. – How
He speaks French very well. – How
They saw the recently discovered comet. – When
They went upstairs. – Where?
AdjectiveIt describes (give more information about) nouns and pronouns.
Blue house, twelve apples, racing car.
PrepositionIt shows relationships such as direction, time, location or ownership.
about, above, around, in, near, over, to, up, unlike, within, in addition to
ConjunctionIt connects words, phrases and clauses and shows the relationship between the connected elements.
InterjectionIt is a word or brief phrase that expresses surprise or emotion. They can be strong or weak.
Ouch! Wow! Really!

It shows a relative position.Which word below is a preposition?

He hid beneath the stairs.


“They” is a substitute for a noun, like “family,” maybe or “The Smiths.”Which word below is a pronoun?

After the house fire, love was all they had left.


It modifies the verb “wrote,” answering the question how he wrote.Which word below is an adverb?

Kyle was a decent student in English class, but he wrote sloppily.


It modifies the noun “student.”Which word is the adjective in the sentence below?

Kyle was a decent student in English class, but he wrote sloppily.


It connects two different clauses (Clauses contain a subject and a verb) about Kyles performance in English class.Which word is the conjunction in the sentence below?

Kyle was a decent student in English class, but he wrote sloppily.


It shows action: what Sabrina did.Which word below is a verb?

Sabrina broke the vase.


Its just a short expression of emotion.Which word below is an interjection?

Dude! You almost killed me!

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