The Discounted Corporate Cash Flow (DCCF)

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Application of DCCF in Capital Budgeting requires a more extensive appraisal of business venture, as the capital budgeting itself is being scholarly defined and referred to, in Theodore Chen’s (2006) statement: “don’t take capital expenditure evaluation lightly when acquiring fixed assets”. Indeed, DCCF in capital budgeting plays a crucial role and serves as a technical tool for an entrepreneur who is specifically on a start up business operation.

On the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) as introduced by Ravi Jagannathan and Iwan Meler (2002), discussed the classic rule of acquiring the Net Present Value (NPV) as the measure to obtaining the negative and positive effects of cash flow. Meanwhile, an earlier empirical finding on CAPM has found that cross-sectional returns bears no relationship to number of variables to predict stock returns (Stein, J. C. , 2001). As counter-claimed by Jagannathan and Meler, the CAPM method determines the risk free rate of premiums, meaning on the equity of the investor, in which the cost of capital enable to gain from discounts of cash flow.

The CAPM may be relevant to the cash flow of established shareholding, specifically in financial investments on stock market, which has the technical and technological monitoring of the price market index. The cost of capitalization through buying and selling of stocks rely on the dramatic market trends wherein financial managers are expertly on the lookout of the foreign financial flow specifically on financial gluts and potential risks of recession.

In which the developing countries, like the Philippines, are more vulnerable to the sudden impact of financial crisis as the money devaluation is greatly affected by foreign currency adjustments with the added inflationary effect to the domestic pricing of basic and industrial commodities. In the Philippines, the cost of capital depends upon the efficiency of production and the labor force. The realization of expenditure may have been defined by Theodore Chen (2006), as most of financial investments infuse on fixed assets, labor and equipment, and together with risks of managing the cash flow referring to the overhead of operation.

A wide array of land use is based on the geographical location. The geographical location may be consisted of highland and lowland that is composing of agricultural land areas. The entrepreneurial investment can be appraised based on the national and regional, domestic and foreign need that is potentially becoming a market. For example, an agricultural land that is fully evaluated to be converted into a housing community can be subdivided.

The land conversion would come up a study on developing a realty business that shall determine the short and long term viability that may consist urban planning. The land conversion can be considered a complex work that may not only need the engineering and architectural expertise but economic plans in the whole process. One critical consideration is the role of a government in the delivery of basic welfare and services such as; road networks, public transport, schools, hospitals, marketplace.

The capital budgeting in the land use comprises a synergy among private individuals/groups and from both non-governmental (private) and governmental organizations. The work and financial plan can be collaborated in the short-term and long-term application. The capital infusion can be ventured out in the form of financial and fixed assets investment. In which the usual partnership between private and public investments draws down from the financial side to the use of fixed asset. At the onset of venturing into the partnership, the liquidity (cash flow) is firstly required.

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