The Diary

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Sunday mornings were always spent trailing round the car boot sales. Coming home with what Mom and Dad called bargains. This one Sunday mom had brought a very old, black diary but inside the pages were blank. Every page completely blank and for some strange reason mom gave it to me so I just placed it the chest of draws next to my bed and thought nothing more of it. That night I woke in the early hours of the morning to find I was extremely cold and considering it was June, this was very odd! I tried to snuggle down to sleep and noticed the draw was open, I got up closed the draw and went to sleep.

Next morning I woke to find the sun was shining through my huge patio window and the birds were singing. I got up had some breakfast packed my back and caught the bus to school. First lesson was English and with half an hour into the lesson most of the class were aware of a weird coldness in the room so Mr Hodgekiss turned on the electric heater. After English was Art and it was perfect whether for drawing outside. The next two lessons were maths and Geography and the same coldness caressed the room, bizarre but I carried on.

Lucky the day was coming to an end and I would get to go home because I hate Mondays! Last lesson was History, when I got my book out I found that diary mom had brought from the car boot sale, it was just crumpled at the bottom of my bag. The sudden coldness crept into the room again and I realized it was the diary. This explained the coldness that was present all day and the night before. I opened the diary and flicked through the pages hoping to find something but to my disappointment, nothing.

There was definitely something weird about this book, as the coldness seemed to be flowing out of it! Miss Jones always liked her pupils to write in ink. My pen had just run out so I asked Jimmy if I could lend a cartridge, I blotted it on a page of the old diary and decided to use it as a rough book. To my amazement the ink was absorb into the page. It literally vanished right before my eyes! I studied the book and you could see some old italic writing appearing and began to read Who ever can give the correct answer to the rhyme

Will have the gift to travel in time. Forward or back which ever they choose, Answer incorrectly and you will lose. To lose this challenge will cost you dear, So enter only if you have nothing to fear. The forfeit you must pay is to be lost in the diary, Forever and a day. Your name and age, date and time, You must enter on the top line. Once you have started you cannot stop, Be my guest and give it a shot! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Unaware that the whole class had seemed to have noticed what I was looking at. They must have realized by my facial expressions.

Then all of a sudden Miss Jones was standing over me. The look on her face told me I wasn’t seeing things and then she asked me where I got that diary. I explained that my mom had got it me from a car boot and I don’t know how it had got into my bag. She had a worried look and suggested that I disposed of the diary. She closed it and said she would return it to me by the end of the lesson. I couldn’t concentrate on the lesson anymore because all I could think of is the rhyme. Miss Jones was curious I could tell by the look in her eye.

I spotted her trying to have a quick glimpse. She had it on her lap, I saw her get her pen out so I immediately pounced on her and grabbed the book. I sprinted out of the classroom and all the way home. That night I decided to take the risk and write in the diary! Well what’s the worst that could happen? So here I go I wrote my name, age, date and time on the top line. Then out of the blue came the loudest scream I had ever heard and it echoed through the walls off the house. I ran into my mums bedroom to fined her sprawled on the bed with her head wedged under her arm.

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