The curse of the full moon

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I looked out of the window. It glistened in the luminous and mysterious full moon. It was dark, miserable and the dark, decaying fog was as thick as a ghost. No one knew why, but it had been like this since the dark and mysterious summer of 1850. It was now 2006. The only clue was a loud howling at exactly midnight- which led them to suggest it was a gothic and supernatural creature- not of our own. It only appeared in the full moon which meant it only appeared once a month. This creature- one never heard of before in reality or mystery that surrounded this creature.

I was the investigator; I had to solve the mysteries no one had yet solved. I have worked on the case for exactly 6 months- and had appeared so far apart from the mysterious howling at midnight. I had researched the library computers but I had not yet looked at the books which led me to suggest there must be some information in those books. I ventured to the library in search of information on what this supernatural creature might be. I found photos of the town before 1850; I have also found a book on supernatural creatures, so I rented the book and returned home.

By the time I had got home, it was 5 o’clock and I just wanted to sit down and read. I found little information on the creature but I did find something astonishing, that a ‘were’ creature is created by the full moon. I was shocked on this astonishing bombshell. I woke up at 6 o’clock to get to the station bright and early although it didn’t seem like that it just felt like another dark and miserable day since the summer of 1850, so I could start my work early to get research on this supernatural creature.

I, for the first time would go and visit the house where the hauntings and terrors of the creature were supposed to take place. I went there with my assistant DI John Adams, who, like me was interested in the supernatural events. We approached Wood Manor and we saw immediately that there were storms already forming over the house even though there wasn’t supposed to be a storm in town until late afternoon. We found this very odd. We approached the front door and from nowhere we heard this loud howling. We knew from only mythology that this creature was none other than a werewolf.

We knocked on the door and we got no answer. We decided to enter ourselves and look around the mansion. We searched everywhere but two rooms, the library and another which was unfamiliar to us. We went to the library and found something very astonishing that there is a wolf cell that has lived for 500 years and was waiting for the opportunity and it must have found it in 1850. We heard the howling again and this time it seemed much closer. We approached the room next door and sure enough it was coming from the room we hadn’t checked yet. We went in the room.

We quickly tried to get video footage of this creature but it spotted us and we decided to run. We ran faster and faster and ended up in a room which we hadn’t found and bolted the door and used blockades such as tables and chairs which gave us time to think. We found in the room a gun that contained silver bullets and a pair of skeletons that looked like they had been there for centuries. We quickly took a DNA sample of the skeletons and exited through the back window in the room. We arrived back at the station and sure enough, they were the bodies of the mother and father of the Hawkins family.

This led us to suggest one thing; that the son of the family, Robert Hawkins must be the werewolf and he must have killed his parents. We arrived at the mysterious house like an ordinary day in the town; dark and miserable. We decided that today would be the day to end the mysterious mystery that surrounded the old and decrepit house for now 500 years. I then heard a strange but familiar howling that descended from the house. It must be the howl of the werewolf. We ventured up towards the house with John carrying the silver bullet and the gun.

We opened the door, which looked more decrepit than the house itself and decided that we would split up in hope of finding the beast. I found a number of mysterious rooms but nothing exciting but, then, out of nowhere I heard a massive scream and loud and excruciating howl coming from the way John had ventured. I quickly ran towards the howling, which I thought was very foolish but, I found the body but the werewolf was nowhere to be seen, I dragged the body back to the entrance of the house and picked up the silver bullet and gun. I then sought out the wolf to end the nightmare.

I went the way John had gone as this must have been the way the wolf had been. I searched a number of rooms but found nothing. There was only one room left- the basement of the house. I ventured down the basement and saw the werewolf with its parents’ bodies. I had one shot left so I had better make it count. I just lined up the shot as it saw me- I took aim and fired. It hit the wolf dead centre of the chest and it died with that loud and excruciating howl and fell to the floor. I left without a word- no one must ever know about the mystery of the wolf.

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