The Competitors of Slatterys

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There is a wide varied market for the products Slatterys sell – chocolate, wedding cakes and wine. As most of these products are widely sold by various outlets this causes Slatterys to have lots of competitors including: supermarkets, Thorntons and Cadburys because these products are widely used by the population. One of the main advantages Slatterys has over its competitors is that it has a uniqueness to create the specific cake the customer desires.

There are several reasons why people buy chocolate; the main reason being that it makes the person feel good. Slattery’s must compete on several aspects, to ensure customers decide to visit their establishment, over their competitors. The business must compete on the price of their products; the quality of their products; and the customer service provided. For Slattery’s to attract more customers, they must, firstly, improve all these aspects.

Main Competitors


Large supermarkets, such as Morrisons, are one of the main competitors of Slattery’s due to the cheap prices on chocolate and the fact that they are easily accessible. One of the supermarkets near Slattery’s is Morrisons, which is located just down the road from Slattery’s; this is a big problem for Slattery’s because of the cheaper prices that Morrisons offer, meaning more customers go there, due to this Slattery’s have to put there prices up to break even and have to think of new ideas to make profit.

However, as Slattery’s provides customers with products which are much higher quality and detail, this makes Slattery’s products more desirable to customers; although, the price of the products Slattery’s offer, in comparison to Morrisons, are considerable more expensive, which may cause customers which are financial conscious not to visit Slattery’s, and instead go to one of the local supermarkets. One beneficial aspect which Slattery’s holds over supermarkets, such as Morrisons, is the fact that it does delivers, unlike Morrisons, therefore customers are more likely to purchase goods from Slattery’s as this means they don’t have to travel also, if a customer wants a personalized cake Morrisons cannot fulfil their need; therefore they have to go to Slatterys who provide a personalized cake for any celebration.

Also, another reason people go to Slatterys instead of supermarkets is because Slatterys use premium ingredients, from foreign countries e.g. coco beans from Africa, which are healthier. This makes the chocolate more desirable for customers, meaning more customers come. Also, a vast variety of Slatterys chocolate range are hand made, which makes the chocolate more desirable, unlike the chocolate selection at Morrisons like Galaxy were there are lots of preservatives in it and are made in a factory.

At Slatterys there is a built in dining room, which offers a wide selection refreshments for customers, and sit whilst listening to music being played from a piano. Morrisons, on the other hand, has a small dining room in a noisy and uncomfortable environment, due to the fact that it is near to the work registers. As Slattery’s is a chocolatier, new chocolate courses have been created where you can come and learn many different skills from the art of chocolate work, sugar modelling, cooking and many more. There

are courses to suit amateurs and professionals alike- this attracts people who are thinking of opening a chocolate shop in the future, for experience.


Another major competitor of Slattery’s is Thorntons, which is located in the Millgate shopping centre, about 15 minutes away from Slatterys. Thorntons which is a chocolatier is a competitor of Slatterys because it sells chocolate with cheaper prices than Slatterys, therefore, people who are conscious of spending money would go to Thorntons instead of Slatterys, to maximise the amount of money they save.

However, unlike Slatterys, Thorntons is in a shopping centre so if a customer wanted a product they have to park up in a car park, which they have to pay to use, and then walk into the shopping centre, unlike Slatterys were they can park in a free car park next to the premises and walk in and get the product they desire; which saves time and money. Moreover, unlike Slatterys, Thorntons cannot offer personalized cakes and only have a set selection of cake and chocolate, unlike Slatterys, were the customer can chose the details of the cake, from the colour to the flavour. This makes the cakes at Slatterys more desirable, however, more expensive.


Cadburys is also a main competitor of Slatterys, as they also sell chocolate as well, but they sell a much smaller selection of chocolate than Slatterys. Another reason why Cadburys is a major competitor of Slatterys is because their chocolate is a lot more accessible, unlike Slatterys due to the fact that it only has one store, which in contrast to Cadburys has chocolate in nearly every newsagent and supermarket. Moreover, a third reason why Cadburys is a key competitor of Slatterys is because their chocolate is considerably less expensive; this would attract people that are money conscience.

However, Slatterys has various advantages over Cadburys, such as, Slatterys chocolate is much healthier than Cadburys because the chocolate at Slatterys is made from cocoa beans and butter, unlike Cadbury’s chocolate which is made from vegetable fat. Also, another advantage Slatterys has over Cadburys is the fact that the customer can have the chocolate customized to exactly how they like, unlike Cadburys who can’t.

Other Competitors

As well as being a chocolatier, Slatterys also has a cafe were customers can enjoy a variety of refreshments such as: cakes, tea or coffee. However, the area that Slatterys is located in, Slatterys isn’t the only cafe business. There are also quite a few other cafe businesses in the Whitefield area, due to this Slatterys has to make sure there products are at a high-standard and they provide a high-quality customer service so customers are retained, so they don’t decide to visit other competitors instead of Slatterys.

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