The colleague support department

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The colleagues support department has different aspect that deals with the various aspect of the company. They have various responsibilities that have to be done for the company. Its helps support the directions and do what they are meant to do in there various department. In the various department they have Prospective colleagues: advertises the company if they are a vacant space or they aren’t enough space (no vacant space available). they also interview people who are they for the job. New colleagues: Colleague Support sends the Statement of Terms of Employment (similar to a Contract of Employment) to all prospective colleagues

Promotion opportunities: Colleague Support keeps a list of all colleagues who have completed the Management Development Course and are eligible for promotion. Keeping colleague records: Colleague Support keeps colleague records and these are supplemented by Training records kept by the Training Department. All our personnel records are kept subject to the terms of the Data Protection Act. Supporting colleagues: deal with the support that any would need in the company and also help and assist the customers and colleagues. Arranging cover for stores: All stores have a set number of colleagues to work on a given day.

This is called its Minimum Staffing Level (MSL). If a store falls below that level because of sickness or training then Colleague Support arranges for colleagues to be sent from another store that is over its MSL. The number of requests can vary – from about 4 requests in a week to over 20. Contacting leavers: Colleague Support contacts anyone who is leaving the company to ask them why – normally by phone. Dealing with grievances: Colleague Support investigate and record any colleague grievances, either informally or through the formal grievance system.

Dealing with disciplinary actions: Colleague Support is responsible for sending written warnings to colleagues who have been disciplined or letters confirming Training and recruitment: they give better services to there customers which benefits their customers and colleagues. They arranging for our new colleague to attend our three-day induction course (which we call the Virgin Seminar) as soon as possible. You can read about this under Training and Development.


Implied can be suggested but not actually shown in the term and condition but its meant to be done that way. Implied are easy conditions which are just being obeyed without the law being stated so Like for example the employees at richer sounds are meant to be honest that’s a major thing that all the employers most know. The term expressed means something lay down in a particular way or something put down or shown. Richer sounds use both the contract of employment and their own terms and conditions of employment because it the same thing that all the employee’s can read and sign and agree too.

It has a lot of advantages to richer sounds because the law is just stated and needs to be abided too. In the main features of the contract of employment including the entitlement for a holiday of a sales assistance is that they receive the normal rate for all the holiday which also includes statuary public/bank holidays. No payments are made in lieu o holiday entitlement except on termination of employment. Secondly for sick pay entitlement they are entitled to be paid for their absents due to sickness or injury under the company’s sick pay scheme on the following basis.

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