The characters in An Inspector Calls

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In my essay I am choosing to direct the characters in ‘ An Inspector Calls’ from page 11 when the Inspector enters Mr. Birling’s house to page 16 when Sheila says’ what’s this about the streets ?’. I am going to direct each character in this part and their movements, body language , expressions, tone of voice and manner of speaking. I will also comment upon the social and historical context of my scene.

When Mr .Birling says ” Have a glass of port or whisky” I want you to say “No, Thank you .I am on duty.” Abruptly from which the audience can know how strict you are. When Mr.Birling says “Just keep quiet, Eric and don’t get excited…” I want you to say “Yes .End of September , 1910″in a soft tone with a mysterious smile walking around the table staring at Mr.Birling. When Mr.Birling says “Well ,I don’t see that it’s any concern of yours…” I want you to say “It might be y’know” rudely folding your hands & moving around so that the audience can know that you are not afraid of him even after you know that he is rich and can suspend you for being rude to him. When Mr. Birling tells you about how he frequently plays golf with Colonel Roberts, I want you to say dryly ” I don’t play golf.” So that the audience think you were not afraid of getting suspended by Colonel Roberts for being rude to him..

Mr. Birling :- Most of the time I want you to act bossy and I want you to talk as a rich selfish man does. When the Inspector calls ” Mr. Birling?” I want you to say “Yes, sit down Inspector.” In a tone as if he has disturbed your party and I want you to walk around.When you ask him”… any trouble of warrant?” he says ” no, Mr. Birling “. At this time I want you to say” then what is it then?” biting your nail , looking around as if you are nervous and impatient. When the Inspector asks you ” Do you remember her now?” I want you to keep your hand on your forehead , bending your head downwards and say ” I seem to remember the name Eva Smith somewhere…”. When the Inspector says ” It’s the way I like to go to work…” I want you to say ” I see. Sensible really.” In a loud tone and I want you to move restlessly with your hands at your back and say” You’ve had enough of that port, Eric”.

*- During the speech I want a spotlight on Mr. Birling .

When the Inspector asks you” I think you remember Eva Smith now, don’t you?” I want you to say ” yes ,I do. She was one of my employees…” in a rude and high tone. When the Inspector says ” Gerald Croft , eh?” I want you to say ” Yes. Incidentally we have been modestly….” In a soft tone . When the Inspector says ” Yes . Why did you refuse?” I want you to say ” Well I don’t see that it’s any concern of yours…” aggressively. When the Inspector says” I’m sorry , but you asked me a question .” I want you to say ” And you asked me a question….” In a rude and high tone , moving around pointing your finger at the Inspector. When Eric says ” he could . He could have …” I want you to say ” Rubbish! If you don’t come down….” In a sharp tone and stressing your eyes on Eric. When Eric says ” No, I mean Eva Smith…” I want you to say ” unless you brighten your ideas…”angrily staring at Eric.

Gerald Croft:- First of all I want you to speak confidentially so that the audience doesn’t doubt anything about you. When the Inspector refuses to show you Eva Smith’s photograph I want you to say ” any particular reason why I should not see this girls …” in a way as if you are annoyed but in a soft tone. When the Inspector also refuses to show the photo to Eric I want you to say ” I can’t imagine what it could be” with your hand on your forehead , head bent aside & looking upwards.

Eric:- First of all I want you to in a way that all audience doubt you. When the Inspector says ” I want some information…” I want you to say ” My god!” broadening your eyes and swallowing. When Mr. Birling says ” Yes, I do. She was one of …” I want you to ask ” Is that why she committed suicide?” as if you are supporting the Inspector. When Gerald says to Mr. Birling ” You couldn’t have done anything else” I want you to say ” He could. He could have…” opposing Mr. Birling.

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