The Cell Phone Boom

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Few years ago, the cellular was a luxury object, in fact it was reserved only for executives and rich people. Nowadays, the cellular is a good of common use for everyone, especially for the Youngest, for them it is necessary as a pair of jeans. However, the interest thing is the fact that the cellular is not only used to communicate with someone or to send a SMS, due to the technology that allow use it like a camera, a music player, a game console, a computer, an internet browser and like these, thousands of other things.

About six years ago, you need one apparatus to do each of this activity, now you need only your cellular, besides you can chose between beautiful colors, modern models and interesting prices. In contrast of this situation, there are some studies shows that the use of cellular can became an obsession and maybe it is not so necessary like it wants appear. Also read the answer what happens to carbohydrates during cellular respiration

Young wants the last and the most modern cellular and this expense most of the times is not necessary, because of promoting the consumerism and the addiction to the social networks like faceboock, twiter, histagram, etc, in this way contact is lost among people who meet lees and write more, furthermore, it is not healthy with the time, can suffer of cancer and of several brain diseases.

In conclusion, we cannot stop the development of technology, whether or not it will spread especially among the young people and this is good for our technological development, as long as we pay attention of the physiological and physical effects in our society and not to lose the habit of calling a person rather than just send an email.

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