The business the report will be talking about will be an Internet Caf

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The business the report will be talking about will be an Internet Cafi??. The Internet cafi?? will be called my Internet Cafi?? Search the World. This shop will provide a service to the public, which involves them using the Internet, and consuming drinks and snacks. Hopefully it will be very popular, to see if it is going to be a success the report will carry out a lot of market research, for example this will tell me what location to put the shop in and how much customers are willing to pay. I will be targeting Lower class to middle class people who are willing to pay i??

2. 00 to i?? 2. 50 for an hour session. To find out whether customers are going to pay this I will do postal research for example surveys, questionnaires this will give me a general idea of how much I should be charging and how many will pay at these prices. I will also need research to find out how many Computers I will have to install, but this all depends on demand if demand is low then there is no need for me to install a lot of computers but if demand is high and there is a very high demand for my service then I will have to install as many Computers as is possible.

In order for my business to be an overwhelming success I will have to increase advertising this will make the public aware of my product and therefore it is more likely that there will be a demand for my service. The busiest days for my service will probably be the weekend as the market I am targeting will probably not be in work and will want to use their weekend to search for information. As the weekdays are not going to be as busy as the weekends I will be providing many special offers to draw customers in, the special offers will be advertised in the area which I choose to set up my business in.

My business has got quite a few competitors over different areas in London but my service will be unique I will be providing more computers and better offers than any other competitor. In task 1 I will investigate the market and find out what the majority of people will want from their Internet cafe and how many consumers they are willing to pay for the service I am providing. This information will be found out by questionnaires and once they have been filled in I will present the results in a graph to make them easier to understand and make better judgements.

To gather my primary evidence I will have 10 questionnaires, I will use them on people between the ages of 16 – 40 because these are the age ranges I am hoping to concentrate on, once I have received the questionnaires back I will see what people in this age range and paying and using for the internet. There will 2 specially trained supervisors within the site everyday and these people can help with any faults that the computers may have.

These people can also help any customers that are first time users to the service or experiencing any technical difficulties. The internet cafe will only have the computers switched on when customers have prior booked the system to save on electricity, the company will have to save on electricity because of the low start up costs and this way I can keep track of regular consumers and predict for future references, and this way it is easier to keep track of money that is on its way.

Money is not the only problem I will encounter because my image is going to be very low as I do not have the resources, time or money to use advertising so my company is very much relying on word of mouth. Once some money has came in I will try and invest in a low cost advertising scheme which is cheap but effective and has a high return on customer interest.

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