The business newsagent

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The business is much bigger than poplar newsagent. They sell goods like clothes, crisps, sweets, newspapers, magazines, toy DVD’s stationery and ect. It’s a big shop and they also sell seasonal goods like masks for Halloween, Christmas trees for Christmas, chocolate eggs for Easter. This shop is about 10 minutes away from Poplar newsagent and so it is a really close competitor. It is a competitor because Woolworths it sells similar and more products than Poplar newsagent does.

It is a much bigger shop and it has more space, which is really important for customers. Some things are cheaper in Woolworths than in Poplar newsagent. Customers often choose to do their shopping in Woolworths than in Poplar newsagent, because customers have large selection of goods and sales assistants are helpful, trained and knowledgeable. Summerfield Plc is a big business. They sell different range of products; food, stationery, toys, hair and body care products. They sell frozen food, milk products, and cakes and so on.

It is a very big supermarket with a lot of space, nice layout, helpful and trained staff. Staff wears uniforms, so it is easy to identify and to ask them for help. They also got security and CCTV cameras in the shop. It is about 10 minutes away from poplar newsagent so it is really close. It is a competitor to Poplar Newsagent because they got more and different range of products. Goods are cheaper, customer are safe. They got a lot of space and staff is trained and knowledgeable.

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Customers might go to do their large shopping there because Summerfield sell the same and much more goods than Poplar newsagent. Customers also can pay there with credit or debit card. It is a small business in Tower Hamlets College. It is very similar to Poplar newsagent. Tower General store is also a sole trader business. They sell crisps, sweets sandwiches, drinks, stationery. They got perfumes and They also sell newspapers and fresh fruits. Tower general store sells goods, that students need every day.

Tower General store is only 300 yards away from Poplar high street newsagent. It is a competitor because it is also a sole trader and it sells similar goods, such as sweets, drinks, sandwiches, crisps, but Tower General store sell more stationery goods than Poplar newsagent, and also Tower General store is in Tower hamlets college, so student might go to Tower General store because they don’t need to get outside the college to buy things they need, student can buy their snacks or stationery within the college.

Poplar newsagent don’t sell stationery, if students need for example pen or a ruler they cannot get it from Poplar newsagent, that’s why student choose to buy things from Tower General store. Feedback – a very good pass which discusses the main competitors – their main activities and the focus of competition. It also touches on how competitors compete (D1)

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