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There are many different types of technology available to Manderson PLC. They can use them to help run the department store, safely as well as in a high- tech fashion. To help Manderson PLC safe from shoplifters there are three basic options, which Manderson has to take into consideration when considering shoplifters: (1) They can watch everyone in the store and make sure they don’t steal anything. Manderson PLC could do that by using security guards and/or video surveillance systems; (2) They can make things hard to remove from the store by bolting them down, attaching cables, putting things in display cases and behind the counter;

(3) They can use a system that attaches special tags onto everything so that an alarm goes off whenever a shoplifter tries to walk out with an item. There are disposable tags. These are basically paper tags and labels. They are available in many different types — pressure-sensitive labels with simulated bar codes, tags or labels that can be imprinted with price, inventory, promotional or bar-code information, and tags specially designed for products such as earrings, compact discs and cosmetics, which are all items easily pocketed by shoplifters.

These thin, backed labels can be as small as a paper clip and can be easily disguised to look like standard retail tags. Computer technology has had a huge impact on the way businesses are organised- both in making products and in communicating information. This would help Manderson PLC as they could benefit from the advantages of this kind of technology. Manderson PLC may find that computer technology would make things much easier and more productive for them. When writing to customers about promotions it are quicker and easier thanks to word processing and desktop publishing software.

Templates can be kept of standard letters, and old letters can be retrieved and edited to create updated versions. Mail – merge routines can send personalised letters to selected people in the firm’s database. Manderson PLC would also benefit from this because they would need it when calculating costs, producing invoices, keeping accounting records and the production of profit and loss and balance sheets can all be done using standard spreadsheet software. Manderson PLC can communicate with their customers via email and the Internet. Although this should only be available for employees within the firm.

There are some downfalls to this. Manderson PLC should be aware that some people are worried about their computer skills to cope in the modern environment. Others tend to worry that computers could replace people from work- creating a technological unemployment and some people assume that the increase in productivity that come with computerisation are making the workplace a more stressful place. These problems, if recognised should be dealt with by Manderson PLC hopefully. One of the biggest changes of the last ten years has been the buying and selling on the Internet.

Internet could make huge changes in the way Manderson PLC operates. The Internet Aids information and communication. Online shopping is a very good advantage for Manderson PLC to expand. E- commerce is growing. Firms can put details of their products on their website. Customers can browse through the product range, or search through the firm’s database using a keyword search to locate the products they want. Products are ordered online using a credit card. Encryption software would change the credit card details into a code, which means no one can steal the credit card details to make unauthorised purchases.

The products are then delivered to the customers. Manderson PLC could use the Internet to reduce business costs. By doing the business over the Internet Manderson PLC could reduce some of their fixed costs. This is due to the cost of downloading information paid by the Internet user not the provider. So things like sales brochures and product information no longer need to be printed and posted by Manderson PLC. Manderson PLC would be saving money because instead of employing people to give out information over the telephone, the company can save money by sacking some of the those people and pitting information online instead.

The brand image of Manderson PLC is very important. One feature of the Internet is that it is nearly impossible to tell whether the website belongs to a trustworthy firm- unless you have actually heard of the business. People prefer to purchase products from producers they trust to provide a good level of service. Something which Manderson PLC could learn and take into consideration is that, as a result of the most well known e-commerce firms currently place quality of service above the need to make a short term profit- they are building up a favourable brand image.

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So if Manderson use this idea they could gradually progress and this could probably change. They could become a very popular department store. Computerised electric telecommunications have created a global village in terms of the immediacy within which people across the world can share conversations, televised pictures, and interactive software on VDU’s, maps, graphics, and circuits. The process of making decisions has also increased in speed due to the instant access to databanks of information held in huge mainframe computer memory banks.

A disadvantage to all of this would be that employees, managers’ etc wouldn’t have much time to properly understand and provide feedback to the large amounts of information inputted everywhere. Fax, email, telex, tele / video conferencing and telephone link ups now have a complex policy and strategy decisions which can be made across the world. Due to the electronic technology, jobs, working locations and cultures are likely to change. The term ‘telecommuting’ is already being used for people who work from home, who are linked to the office by modem and computer terminal.

Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN / WAN) messaging systems, fax, telex and view data communication modems used as a personal computer enable a manager, secretary etc to access world wide communication links without even having to move from their desk. Manderson PLC would find this very useful when considering the companies’ expansion in technology. The amount of face to face oral communication, across the office desk or around tables will also decrease because of computer based videos, telephone or computer screen hook ups.

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