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Recycle and Win is a marketing program to promote recycling which has been launched by the Coca Cola Company North America with the help of Red Moon Marketing and Coca Cola Consolidated, who have joined together forces so that they are able to save the environment. The Recycle and Win was implemented in Mecklenburg County in North Carolina.

This program started running from 2nd February, 2009 and it is going to run for a whole year. This program started by educational mailers were distributed by Coca Cola to 271,000 single family households in the Mecklenburg County, these educational mailers were created by Red Moon Marketing, which featured the do’s and the don’ts of recycling.

And these educational mailers provided the families an opportunity to win $50 gift cards by Harris Teeter just by doing the right thing (that is recycling and recycling the right way). (Trade Markets, 2009) The entire project will be handled inevitably by Red Moon Marketing, why, because the company makes it easy to organize such huge events and make it a success and because the company has great passion for the environment itself.

The program is a green friendly marketing program and this provide an opportunity for Coca Cola Company and Red Moon Marketing to spread out the good news about recycling in a big and a completely different way than they have done before, here they will be receiving prizes by just recycling the right way. And this is one way that the individuals will become aware of recycling procedure and how to keep the environment clean and that why it is good for the environment. (Beverage World, 2009)

What happens here is that people receive this educational mailer which tells them how to recycle their products and this is how it will work ; starting from 1st February till 1st January’10 (which a promotion period) a Recycle Street Team (from Coca Cola) will visit different neighborhoods in Mecklenburg County and the city of Charlotte and will select 10 houses randomly that have followed the Official “give it back” sticker on their recycling bin and properly followed recycling guidelines that have been provided to them by the company.

One of the resident’s who is eligible of the selected household will win a $50 gift card from Harris Teeter. The Recycle Street Team is going to make 52 visits in neighborhoods of Mecklenburg County and the city of Charlotte altogether throughout the promotion period and is going to award ten potential prizes upon their each visit to the neighborhood, but will provide one prize per household. This is a great way to motivate people so that they recycle their products in the proper manner and this will help them to understand that it is high time to protect the environment. (Trade Markets, 2009)

For individuals to win in this program they have to follow some particular things and do recycling the right way, some guidelines are as follows to make sure that recycling is done the right way:- Aluminum Beverage Cans: Soft drink and beer cans are recyclable. The individual needs to step on the cans, so that there is more space in the recycling bin and the trucks that collect the recycling materials. Glass Containers: All glass containers are recyclable. The containers have to be rinsed thoroughly and the metal lids removed before placed in the recycling bin for collection.

Magazines and Shopping Catalogues: Magazines and home shopping catalogues are recycled. They need to be placed in the red Curb It recycling bin or along with the newspapers. Plastic bags are not allowed, whereas a brown paper bag can be used. Milk Jugs: Milk jugs, like any other plastic beverage containers, needs to crushed and placed in the red Curb It bin for collection. (Trade Markets, 2009) Newspapers: Newspapers are recyclable. They need to be placed under the Curb It bin or on top or beside the glass, aluminum, metal and plastic in the bin.

Plastic bags are not allowed, whereas a brown paper bag can be used Cardboard: Cardboard can be collected at the curbside and recycled throughout the city. Cardboard boxes need to be empty, cut into pieces no larger than 3 feet x 3 feet, flattened and stacked neatly at curbside on the collection day. Plastic Soft Drink and Liquor Bottles: Remove the lids from the glass bottles and the plastic bottles crushed. And need to be placed in the red Curb It recycling bin for collection. (Trade Markets, 2009)

Spiral Paper Cans: Spiral paper cans are recyclable. Remove any sort of plastic or metal lids and rinse or wipe out any remaining food stuff. (Trade Markets, 2009) Steel Cans: Steel food containers need to be rinsed properly so that there is no remaining food in it before placed in the red Curb It recycling bin for collection. Telephone Books: the City collects out-dated residential telephone books every year. Place the directory in the red Curb It recycling bin or place underneath with newspapers for collection. (Trade Markets, 2009)

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