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The logo is placed at the top left hand corner ActionAid, as the reader will know who there giving their money to. The charity is taking action this explains the action and the charity are helping, this explains the aid. This relates to the purpose of the charity. They also add there email add and telephone number. The image in the commercial advert portrays a very good looking girl and a good looking man, with gorgeous blonde hair. The hair makes the reader want hair like that.

This relates to the product as the product is trying to sell a hair colouring for blondes. This relates to the text as it shows the two people are extreme and exhilarating. The two people who are being advertised their body language shows they are very close, but not facing the same way and they are not moving. The man looks like he is screaming in the girl’s ear, and the girl has her tongue sticking out, this shows in a way it is portraying something to do with sex, as she is doing it in a very sexy way. It looks rather stereotypical as she is blonde and pretty and blondes are known as sex symbols. She’s dressed quite revelling but casual.

I think the image is aimed at adults, as the advertisers are using sex to sell. The background is blue, I think it is blue as blue is a very neutral colour to us, so we don’t make an associations with it. The man is not looking at the camera, but the girl is, I think this will catch your eye, but you can not see their faces fully. The image makes me feel like it is trying to change the reader; like the reader will look this good if they bought this product.

The image in the charity advert depicts that the girl is very sad, as she is not smiling, this makes her look miserable. Her eyes are staring at the audience, like she needs the reader’s help, which makes you sad, making the reader want to help. The picture is in black and white, which to me makes me feel depressed and gloomy. Next to the picture they give her name Anamika this makes you think she is a human being not just the unknown. She is looking straight at the camera, to catch your eye; you can see her face fully. The image relates to the text, as the text is about her. The advertisers talk about her childhood which is depressing and the reader releases why Anamika looks upset in the image.

I think the target audience is for young adults, as I think the colour hair is not suitable for a kid, or an elderly person, but for a young adult about aged 19- 45, I think it will look impertinent and sexy, also this advert was found in a young female adults magazine. I think the gender is for male or female, because there is both a good looking male and female on the advert with blonde hair, and it looks excellent, so it would attract both male and female. The income does not have to be a large amount, as if you had a good income, you would have coloured you hair professionally, not by yourself, so you don not have to have the biggest income.

I think this charity advert is aimed at people with a good income as 10 a month is not cheap. This will mean an age with a steady job will be required the age will be around over 25. The copy goes to both genders male and female, as they will get more money for this. The commercial advert represents it message in a very dramatic way, as highlighted by the use of words, and imagery. The advert is asking you to colour your hair. The charity advert is also represents its message in a very dramatic way, as highlighted by the use of text. The text asks you to give money or a gift.

Overall looking at the two adverts, there is a large amount of thought which makes an advert. There are many differences between the two adverts. The commercial advert makes you feel happy and cool. The charity advert makes you feel depressed and uneasy. This affected my opinion, as I did not like feeling depressed, the other advert made me want to buy the advert as it was exciting. I think the image was the most successful in the commercial advert, as it made me fell like to buy the product. Overall the ‘LIVE’ product did make me want to buy it, as I’m stereotypical, so I would like to look like that. The charity advert on the other hand did not make me wont to help out, as it looked like a scam, especially with �10 a month!

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