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Mountain biking is really an interesting sport, but before going for it one should be aware of the type of the ride he will be enjoying. There are a number of bikes from which one can choose from. For the ride and enjoyment, there are also some tips which will help you to make the right decision about the bike to be chosen. As we all are aware, mountain biking is a very good sport to stay fit. It helps to burn the fat and calories.

Great idea of enjoyment is to go out with friends and riding in a natural environment. There are a number of bikes available for riding but the bike you choose decides the type of ride you want to do. So with a small research on bikes you can easily choose the bike you want as per your needs. So here are some different types of bikes which are actually available.

XC Cross Country Mountain Bikes
It is the most popular bikes among all the bikes. This cross country bike is the favorite bike of nearly all new riders as it very light in weight. The main advantage of this type of bike is that it is light in weight it becomes easier for the rider to ride over hills and rougher and steeper terrain without walking and getting off.

DH Downhill Mountain Bikes
This type of bike is mostly used by the experienced riders because this type of bike has rear suspensions, heavy duty front and disc brakes. Many downhill bikers build their own bikes according to their specifications. This type of bike is heavy in weight so one will need to have an experience in riding it already as it is dangerous and one could really get hurt. The guys who do this must wear helmets and have special protective gear.

PRO Professional Mountain Bikes
These types of bikes are mainly built for the professional bikers, for mountain bike competitions, and racings. Professional mountain bikes are mainly built for the most experienced bikers who are really good at riding as well as competing. These bikers should have really a good experience in biking. These bikes are of light weight and high quality and need a lot of skills to ride them correctly.

Recreational Mountain Bikes
For all those riders who do not want high spec and high tech bikes like DH, XC or PRO, they can choose their bike from a variety of general use and for recreational purposes. These bikes are suitable for families. Full suspension helps giving ride comfort. You can even go on roads with comfort and try mountain biking in natural environment and will still have lots of fun. These types of bikes are also available at general departmental stores. You can even visit the mountain bike shop and test your favorite bike before buying. They can easily help you by giving their expert advice and technical knowledge.

When you choose the best mountain bike according to your riding location, ability and budget, now you are ready to go for a ride of your life.

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