The benefits of a website for GP surgery

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The web-site design industry was asked to research the benefits of putting up a website for a senior GP surgery, which has 15 members. The objective of this report is to advise a GP group on weather it will be beneficial to put up a website. This report will show the results of various research undertaken by a web-site design industry (such as research from the internet, questionnaires etc. ). The key finding of this report is that overall it will be beneficial for the GP partners to put up a website. These benefits will be more apparent in the long term.

Research shows that putting up a website will attract more patients to the GP surgery & will save time for the surgery on handling patients. This report will be about advising a GP surgery on weather it would be beneficial to put up a website or not. The web-site design industry which has undertaken the task will try to cover this task by doing various research into the website industry, weigh the benefits and disadvantages of having a web-site and finally decide weather it would be beneficial or not to put up the website.

Questionnaires will also be distributed and the results collected to help making the final decision. The GP surgery that will be in the heart of this report has 15 GP’s, this is large number compared to the average GP surgeries that are in the area. The GP surgery is in the middle of a busy town in London, from research it has been established that 45% of households in London now have internet access at homes, and this number is increasing very fast.

The future for internet looks very prosperous, more people are starting to use it and more and more businesses are reaching their customers through it. There are a lot of medical ; prescription internet sites. Many of these give medical advice to patients ; prescribe medicines for them. Last year 450 thousand people had their medicines prescribed online ; this number is increasing. This online industry is worth over i?? 4 billion pounds in the UK which is a large value.

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