The Beginnings of My Life: Human Development

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From birth, and from being an infant to a teenager, I experienced many changes in my life as I grew older. Of course first was Physical Development. My physical appearance suddenly change like my height, I grew taller. My body became firm and it started to get in shape. My voice became feminine like a lady. Besides from physical development, I experienced Emotional development. I started to like some certain people and I started to have crushes too. I admired different kinds of people. I also learned how to fall in love with the opposite sex and understand the meaning of it. I learned how to get hurt and how to move-on.

I also learned how to become brave, and how to be aware of other people’s feelings unlike before, I don’t care if what others feel, I just want to get what I want. I also experienced Social development. Before, when I was still a child, I spend more time with my parents or with my family. I loved to be with them. But now I spend more time with my friends. I love hanging out with them and I enjoy being with them than to be with my parents. I am more comfortable talking to them, and share my secrets to them. I also like to ask advice to my friends rather than my family when I have problems.

I grew up with some characteristics that I believe I adopt from my parents. Like for example in Physical traits. I got my height from my father because he is tall unlike my mother. Me and my sister also got dimples from our father because our mother doesn’t have dimples. But I am not sure if the dimples are also Hereditary. Me and my sister also adopted my father’s hobby. He loves to read books. And we also love reading books. We are also linguistic persons. I also love to write. My friends told me that I have the talent in writing stories especially in novels. But I don’t know where I adopted this kind of talent.

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