The beast objectives are SMART

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All business has aims that they want to achieve and objectives that help them they have to do to achieve those aims. And aims are the overall goals and purposes that the business was set up to fulfil. Aim should always be appropriate to the business achieve and size of the business. Also aim is to provide a focus for the business also development and achievement of key areas of business. OBJECTIVES are specific targets that must be achieved if the business is to fulfil its aims. Also objectives are to break down the aim so that they are easier to achieve and it’s step which to achieve aim.

All objectives mast is monitored regularly – to check achievement. The beast objectives are SMART SMART stands for: Specific – There is a clear definition often including a number for example saving 20 a week. Measurable- This means achievement can be checked. Banking your saving mean your bank statement will record and measure your achievement. Achievable- This means you attain your target if you stretch yourself a litter- so saving i?? 20 a week may be achievable without having to make too many sacrifices.

Realistic-This means the target is sensible so that you stand achance of achieving it you could not save 20 a week if you did not have a job that paid at least that amount. Time-related- Every objective should have a time limit in which it should be accomplished. Therefore you can set a time limit to review your performance to see your objective progress. I am going to compare and contrast two businesses one of them being Richer Sound and Oxfam. Ownership: Richer Sounds is an ownership of a Plc this means it is a Public Limited Company.

It became a limited company in 1978, it was incorporated on 29th November, and since 1990 it has been an unlisted public company. It became a limited company to gain the advantage of limited liability. Aims: The aims of Richer Sounds are crucial, this is the whole reason the company exists. Some of the aims of Richer Sounds are:  Paying good salaries to the workers: this help the business retain good, hard working staff, and in exchange the business offers colleagues benefits and bonus schemes.

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