The Beast

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They entered the underground place only known as ‘the hives’. A huge hall filled with discarded material to the ceiling. They made there way though the dormant hall. At one end lay a body, they could tell he was dead by the blank stare of his eyes. He removed the I. D. card from the blood stained chest of the dead guard. He opened the large irons doors which where embedded with the company logo. Though what seemed to be thousands of corridors, which where stained with blood of the victims of the beast. They came across what was another hall this time though, it had large tanks. Each tank had its own I. D. number and viewing window.

Upon entrance to the room it was marked “dinning 02” above the door. But inside was no dinning area but a mass cloning plant. A door in the corner was pierced with bullet holes; they entered the room to what was the torso of a mutilated being. Around the corner was an injured man who was laying against the bullet covered wall it was more like a target for guns. The man was dressed in a complete SAS suite. A comrade of his was kneeling over and seemed to be putting a large amount of pressure on the man’s leg. The two ran over to help the injured and his partner, the four of them made there way back across the research facilities.

She looked into the holding cell of one mutated beast, only to see wires from all directions of the tank placed into the creatures back it was like a premature baby in its incubator. On descending away from the tank she knocked against the control panel, which now only displayed ‘Wake’. A massive release of gas hissed around the whole hall. The cell door slowly opens to reveal the beast’s true form. An over-sized lizard like creatures with no skin lay in side. It arouse from its rest to which its head could be seen there was no eyes on the creatures face but a large brain it started to twitch at all different points over its body.

As the tubes one by one fell out of the creatures back, the four of them ran to the main door to the room but the injured man was increasing slowly down. The beast pounced from its tranquil form only to turn into a ravage predator out for its prey. Just at the end of the room the crazed experiment caught up to the injured group member. Where it ripped violently at the helpless male, the creature had a way of torturing the man before doing any thing vital to the man. The beast played with the man like a rag doll. It slowly dug its claws into his abdomens and head. The three remaining ran for there lives as the beast closed in on them.

All they could hear was the hissing of the beats which was getting louder until the beast let out a huge shriek this made the peoples ears ring. They came across a door which led to the experiment room. It was flooded up to knee height. They could tell by the scenery that it was a lab. As there was test tubes broken and scatted across the tables. Cages all around the room had dead rats and other experimental animals in. I was quiet for to long until the beats let out a great raw. And forced its was against the reinforced glass the remaining three forced the only other door open just in time before the beats smashed the large window.

They followed along corridor which led back into the main hall. The train was in view from here they made them way for it, a crash happened from behind them. The beast raged it way though the oil drums and other discarded material. The women and SAS member made it on board the train. But it was too late for him as the beast grabbed him by the throat, with its tongue but it did not torture this man but Instead it strangled him, while pressing down on the man’s chest. They made there way out of the cursed place on the train. On board the train she rested in the SAS man’s arms who told her his name was Arnold Armstrong.

Just as she was about to tell him her name the train started to slow down, the claws of the beast sliced down one side of the trains doors giving the beast easy access onto the train. When the beast entered the train the beast closed in on her, while Arnold loaded a flare gun. He aimed at the lower part from its belly of the creature. The beast was stunned but let out a quick snap of it furious tongue. It him across the head he fell to the ground. The beast got up and made its way over to him. Arnold started to come though he knocked the flare gun in the direction of her.

It stopped just before Arnold, the beast stud on a metal grating used to dump things of the train. She pressed the button to open it to expose its soft stomach to the cement floor. It let out a loud cry and raised its head to get back onto the train, but she closed the grating on the beasts head. The beast struggled to free its head, while she loaded the flare gun. The metal grates where still closing on the beasts head; they started to break the skin around the beats neck. She tuck aim at the beasts head and let go of the trigger then lifeless body of it fell to the ground. She started the train again it set off into the outside world.

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