The assassination of JFK

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On November 29, 1963 President Johnson issued an executive order to investigate the assassination of JFK. The findings of this report concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman, three shots were fired, and that one bullet caused the throat wound the Kennedy as well as all of the wounds of governor Connelly. Later in 1979 another commission concluded that there were four shots, but that Oswald fired the fatal shot, as well as the single bullet that struck Kennedy and Connelly.

The above conclusions are highly debatable, and in my opinion completely false. My belief consists of the following: Oswald had no part in the assassination, there were upwards to 5-7 shots fired by more than one assassin, the fatal shot to Kennedy came from the front, and that the single bullet theory is physically impossible. The basis of my belief is based upon factual research, expert testimonies and eyewitness reports.

To prove that Oswald had not part in the assassination one must look at the testimony of Victoria Adams, Roy truly, and officer McDaniel. According to all three of their testimonies, Oswald was found in the 2nd floor lobby drinking a coca cola in a “calm and collected state” no more that 90 seconds after the assassination. In order for this to be the case, Oswald must have run down 4 flights of stairs (which took several investigators approximately 28 seconds) passing Victoria Adams, who reported not to have seen Oswald, then he must have walked to the other side of the lobby and bought a coke which takes 12 seconds to vend from the machine, open the coke and then collect himself, and not be out of breath, all in a matter of 90 seconds.

The fact that there were more than 3 shots fired can be proven by acoustical as well as scientific evidence. First, using the rifle said to assassinate the president it takes a minimum of 2.3 seconds between shots that would allow a minimum of 4.6 seconds for 3 shots, and 6.9 seconds for four shots. The films recorded that day show that it was between 5.6-6.4 seconds from the first to last shot, so if there were four shots there would not be enough time for one gun to fire them, so there for there must be an additional shooter. Acoustical evidence from both the Zapruder film, and a police dicta-belt reading prove that there was in fact four shots fired within the time frame established above, therefore leading to the conclusion that there was more than one gunman.

Finally, in order for the single bullet theory to be true, the bullet must have traveled a path that is physically impossible. The bullet must have traveled 60 feet from the Depository window in a downward direction, into the presidents back six inches below his neck, then exited out his neck near the Adam’s apple, then pause in mid-air for 1.6 seconds (the amount of time between JFK’s reaction to being hit and Connelly’s reaction) before it struck the governor just below his right armpit, exited just below his right pectoral, gone through his forearm, through his wrist, and then end up imbedded in his right thigh.

This bit of evidence without a doubt contradicts and disproves the government’s findings, and leads to another question on whether the government deliberately overlooked these facts, but that is another paper.

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