The aims of the organisation

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The old Tesco was built on Wellington Street on a main road. There was also a railway station behind it and a shopping centre in front of it. This made is a prime location because it was in the middle of areas that were largely populated with potential customers. Tesco had a very good road network that lead into them this meant that the delivery of goods was efficient and did not let Tesco down.

The impact of Tesco on a small trader was quite big because Tesco has everything under one roof. So customers just come into Tesco and get everything they need which means that the products that they would have usually got from the small trader they already have. The operations department is a fundamental part of the success of Tesco this is because the operations department helps the business lose less profit an example of the operations department doing this is:

When the Tesco in Slough became bigger the operations department saw that Tesco was in a good position so they moved Tesco across the road temporarily so that they did not lose any profit while the new Tesco was being built. While the new Tesco was being built the operations department made sure that the pharmacy and petrol station were left open in their original place because this meant that they were meeting the needs of the community.

Tesco moving to Slough was a good decision because it meant that Tesco’s employees did not lose their jobs, which therefore meant that Tesco were meeting the needs of their employees. Moving to coop was also good because it meant that Tesco were still offering a service to the community. When Tesco moved to coop they still had very good transport access as they moved to a store that was located very close. Tesco then refurbished the coop store in the Tesco way so that the customers did not get confused when they came into Tesco.

When Tesco built the new building they had to take down a 140 year old cedar tree. This tree was really important to the community so Tesco built a tower in memory of the tree. How does the design and positioning of Tesco help them to meet the aims of the organisation? Tesco’s aim is to retain loyal people these people could be internal and external customers: the way that the operations department helps to meet this aim is by: 1. Making sure that all of Tesco’s buildings are the same this is because the customers feel more comfortable to have all the Tesco’s the same. It also makes it easier for the customers to shop, as they know their store.

2. The operations department also has to make sure that the positioning of the buildings is convenient and is usually on a main road. This is so that it is easy access for deliveries that are coming to Tesco and also so that the customers of Tesco can come in easily. 3. They must also make sure that Tesco is environmentally friendly by doing it shows the community that Tesco cares about the environment and the community. Considering all these factors helps Tesco to achieve their aims.

How does Tesco operate better? Tesco have taken the green idea of making sure that there is less pollution very seriously. The ways in which they have contributed to this idea is by cutting back on their lorry pollution. Tesco have cut back on their lorry pollution by making their lorries environmentally friendly they have don this by making sure that their lorries use unleaded petrol. They also make sure that all their distribution drivers are put on training programmes in which they are put on tests that the graded Gold, Silver or Bronze for driving skills. Because Tesco’s drivers are trained well they save i.3 million litres of diesel. By grading drivers Tesco have achieved their aim of keeping their internal customers happy. Tesco’s drivers help them to be more efficient as their supplies are always on time unlike Sainsbury who are very un efficient in bringing supplies in and getting their food on the shelves quick enough.

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