The Advertising and Selling Program

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One of the most visible areas in which psychology contributes to organizational life today involves the relationship between the producers of goods and services and the consumers. No matter how high the level of production or the quality of a company’s products, the company will not be successful unless the public is made aware of the product and persuaded to buy it. Thus, a company’s survival depends on its ability to promote, advertise, and market its product. For a product, a service, or even a political candidate to sell, people must be made aware and persuaded that they should, indeed, must have it.

Pick up a magazine, turn on the radio or television, and drive down a highway-almost everywhere you will be bombarded by advertising messages. Of course, we cannot adequately attend to so many messages, nor should we, if we want to maintain our sanity. Many ads are blocked out because they are not perceived. We simply do not hear or see them. Most people are able to react to only about a dozen of them. But whether or not we see or hear these messages, they are there, cluttering the media. Even if we remain unaware of specific ads, we are most certainly aware that the process of advertising is going on all around us.

In terms of the end result sought, advertising and selling have an identical objective. Both aim persuade potential consumers to purchase products or avail themselves of services. The fundamental difference between advertising and selling inheres in the personal component of the latter. The salesman does not make a blanket appeal to a mass audience. Instead, he seeks to discover the individual buyer’s needs and emphasizes product features appropriated to those needs in order to close the sale. It is not our purpose to add further to the to controversy over the broad social implications of advertising and selling.

Instead, we will be concerned with the psychological principles underlying these activities. With this in mind, the researchers chose the AVON COSMETICS INC. to base their observations, projections and conclusion regarding this topic. In this paper, the researchers seek to prove that the advertising and selling strategy of the AVON COSMETICS INC. is effective in providing customers with the information that they need to know about their products; persuading potential customers to purchase their products; and in identifying individual buyer’s needs to modify product features that is suitable for those needs.

Objective of the Study The general objective of this paper entitled “The Advertising and Selling Program of the Avon Cosmetics Inc. ” is to provide information regarding the strategies used by Avon Cosmetics Inc. in advertising and selling their products and to find out the psychological processes underlying these activities. On the other hand, the specific objectives of this study is to identify the different types of advertising and selling; provide a brief historical background regarding the Avon Cosmetics Inc. ; discuss personal selling process, and describe the major decisions involved in developing an advertising program.

C. Significance of the Study There are more than 300,000 brand-name products of all types on the market today. In a typical supermarket, for example, over 9,000 different products are available. In the face of such formidable competition, manufacturers must ensure that their products can be readily recognized and identified. The typical buyer will purchase the item that sounds or looks familiar over one that is unknown. Billions of dollars and thousands of hours are expended by companies each year in the effort to get us to notice, want, and purchase their products.

Therefore, it is important to us, both as a member of an organization making products and as a consumer, to understand the principles and practices of consumer psychology. For that reason, we will be highly benefited by this paper entitled The Advertising and Selling Program of Avon Cosmetics Inc. In this research, we will be able to understand more the role of psychology in advertising and selling and how it affects our daily lives. Also, for aspiring businessmen, this will serve as a reference or guide for whatever purposes it may serve them.

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