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We can see that many techniques have been used in the text to grab audience’s attention, give sentences greater effect and persuade the audience to buy the product. Emboldened, large lettering has been used in some cases to present certain texts with more meaning, credibility and authority, also to make them more noticeable. “broken boundaries”, “Rockstar” are some examples of the emboldened texts. The emboldened texts are more noticeable and authoritative, which will make what they are saying have more impact on audiences.

In effect the emboldened points, which are usually more attractive points about the game, will be considered more important and trustworthy to readers. Also they will stay in the audience’s mind and audiences will be more likely to believe the purpose of the statements. Also in the advert we can see where emboldening has been used with some texts to a greater extent to cause more immediate effects on the audiences. We can see that some texts have a headline effect which makes them jump out at the reader giving their meaning a greater effect. “BUY IT NOW!

” is an emboldened, black, serif font style wording with a shadowed effect and in upper case. This wording style, font, makes it the most eye-catching and authoritative wording on the advert, giving it large impact on audiences. The font style with an exclamation mark has a demanding, commanding connotation, which appeals to audience’s feelings. It causes audiences to feel that the text is credible and reliable which will make them consider what it is saying. It needs these effects because it is the most important point in the advert; it is what the advert is trying to make the reader do, buy the product.

If the effect of the emboldening works it will cause audience to be more likely to buy the product. There is also a headline effect of this statement which includes a rhetorical question and dramatic feeling. The exclimation mark causes the dramatic effect which gives it a dra There are some emboldened texts, which try to use emboldening for modified effects. There is a slogan type text at the bottom of the advert that is also emboldened. It uses emboldening aswell as alliteration to make it eye-catching but also memorable. “Make Your Mark”.

As it uses alliteration it is an easy point for audiences to remember and associate with the product. In effect audiences can identify with the product more which makes them more likely to come across the product again and consider buying it. Also the intended audience might find this type of language easier to understand. In one of texts the price is emboldened and is larger than some other texts but also smaller than some. “yours to play for only 39. 99! ” in the advert this information although presented in a striking form is careful to not shock the audience too much.

Emboldening is used to a lesser extent and ‘only’ is used to soften the impact of this statement making other statements seem more important. If this statement was too large or too emotive it would have a very big impact on the reader and the extent of the price may make the audience shy away from the product-not buy it. The modifying of the meaning on this sentence causes the most sufficient effect, which is not too strong or weak on audiences feelings. The images in the advert may have an effect that makes the product more appealing than it actually is.

The pictures immediately appeal to audience’s eye and give them an attracting idea of the product. The images are usually of things you can do in the game which are most appealing and interesting rather than things that may be more dull or boring. The choice of pictures tries to hide the more uninteresting things about the game to make the audience more likely to buy the game for its good points. Also the images in the advert have some correlation with what the text is saying showing the points and giving evidence to back it up.

This makes what the text is saying much more believable making the audience much more likely to agree with the text and buy the product. The images also anchor the text so the audiences eye can be caught and then the text can give a slightly different edged more detailed meaning to them. The text gives the images a more persuasive meaning of how they indicate good buying points about the game rather than just what they are images are of, what they show. The images in the advert also would appeal pacifically to the intended audiences.

The image of the car may appeal in an emotive way to the intended audience as a large number may be interested in cars. This image effect can cause audience to be more likely to buy the product. Soft, bright and some dark, vibrant colours are used in the advert for different effects. The background is a soft bright colour, which doesn’t catch the immediate eye of audiences but more importantly provides a good backdrop for the texts and gives connotations of coolness and smoothness. With the soft coloured background, dark text can be used to make the advert clear and easily readable.

The connotations of the blue colour give the feelings that the game is a cool new product for cool, popular people which may be an important idea for the target audiences. These ideas cause the audiences feelings to be effected and the readers may feel that the idea of the connotations would make it beneficial for them to buy. This makes them more likely to buy the product. Dark, vibrant colours have been used in the advert with the texts, logos and in the images to make them stand out on the advert, set against the background.

The logo for the game on the advert is quite large at the corner of the advert with a bright outline. The outline is different to the background, which makes it stand out more. It is important for the logo to stand out so the audience is more likely to remember it and identify with the product. Then they will be more likely to come across the product again and consider buying it. Also the text of the logo is a emboldened and stands out well. There is also a logo for the makers of the game with a small annotation “Rockstar Games Presents”.

This also gives the audience an association with the product. Overall the advert tries to use techniques to give the audience associations with the product, persuade the audience to buy the product, make the product appealing, give the product emotive senses, and inform the reader with evidence of the product. In the advert I have tried to cause the effects listed above and have achieved most but believe that some techniques could have been concentrated on more and given better effect.

The colours used in the text although causing emotive connotations do not anchor or catch audience’s eye. Some stronger more vibrant colours could have been used to give some texts or the advert layout a stronger more emotive impact. It could be a strong red to give a governing, more trustworthy anchoring effect to the text. Images have been used in the text to a good persuasive extent but I believe that some could have been enlarged to give the advert a more eye-catching effect enticing the audiences to read the rest of the text- anchoring the text.

The logos also could have been enlarged to make the advert a more eye-catching and make the logo more memorable to give a stronger association with the product to the reader. Slogans in the advert and could have been concentrated on more; also to give a more memorable effect. Although I would change some things about the advert I believe I have created good texts, images, slogans, images and backgrounds to a good persuasive effect.

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