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One job of the human resources at Tesco is recruitment. This is when Tesco employ people; Tesco must have enough staff working at all their stores to aid customers if needed. During these difficult times, finding a job for many is almost impossible. People want to work at easy and fair paid places, Tesco is a good place. Furthermore, Tesco will always want to employ people, they usually advertise the jobs which are available within Tesco. The adverts are more often than not seen in shops windows, newspapers and in signs all across the region. The advertisements are regularly eye-catching and big and bold to catch the reader’s attention. It will have all the information on it.

After a certain amount of people have contacted the human resources at Tesco regarding the jobs, Tesco will interview the candidates. Tesco will only employ people who really want to work to the best of their capability and who are trustworthy. Tesco might see their CV if they have one, or contact that person’s previous job people and ask them if that person is a good worker. Subsequent to questioning the worker to be, Tesco will decide whether to employ that person, or let them go.


One important agenda which the human resource at Tesco does is retention. This just means keeping the staff happy, so they will stay with Tesco for the coming years (maintenance). Retention also may mean keep hold of Tesco’s staff, pay raises, rewards, and more holidays’ as well as business trips. Tesco’s human resource will do a number of things to keep hold of their staff.

Tesco also have development programmes so young people can go through the ranks more quickly. After a year share options, give tiny proportions of the company of give it away cheaper. To keeps Tesco’s employees retention, they will give free health care, private care which Tesco pays for. Give higher car allowances, give good pension rates. Managers can have company car allowances, free car and maybe free petrol if you do company miles.

As well as that, Tesco will provide appropriate training for the staff regularly. Tesco’s staff may think that Tesco do care about their staff, because they are training them, it may keep the staff at Tesco remain motivated and stimulated. This will mean Tesco’s staff will have a high-quality body language, when customers ask the staff for information; they will be pleased at the way they are being treated, so they will come again and again.


The human resources department are also behind dismissing their staff. However they don’t actually make the decision, the line manager will, but they will carry out the procedure e.g. paper work, you can get fired on the spot unless it is very serious. The human resources department will make sure any legal contract issues are not breached, so they don’t file a lawsuit against the company. The human resources work on the behalf of Tesco and work so they have the best for Tesco while unions protect the employees. Usually the “staff” that is going to be sacked will normally be given a notice – so that they are allowed to work until a certain period of time until they have to leave the business.

Sometimes dismissed staffs are paid for the notice period, but this doesn’t mean that they have to work (This is called Payment in Lieu of notice). Employees will be dismissed from work with notice if they are capable of doing their work. Some employees might even be judged incapable of doing their work correctly, therefore ultimately being sacked. Reasons why employees are sacked are: that their attendance is poor; if the work they are doing is not up to standard; or if their attitude is unacceptable.

Employers must also give a clear explanation to their employees, why they are getting sacked to avoid misunderstandings. Advice and help to enable the employees to should also be provided, along with sufficient warnings about the situation. An employer that that fails to provide these could face a claim for unfair dismissal. Misconduct, such as repeatedly failing to obey instructions, is another reason for dismissal. In some situations the employee may be given the sack without a notice. Another reason for dismissal is Gross misconduct which involves situations, like burglary, fighting or drunkenness can lead to dismissal without notice.

Tesco never want to dismiss or sack their staff. Tesco constantly educate staff, and tell the workforce and all the other departments the ‘code of conduct’. This is a set of strict rules, in which all the Tesco staff have to follow, if Tesco’s staff follow the code of conduct, they won’t be in any trouble. Working conditions Tesco’s human resources department has to deal with working conditions as well. This is similar to health and safety, but they have to follow simple policies so that Tesco’s staffs works in the right working surroundings. One factor that the human resource at Tesco has to do is to make sure the staffs have the right uniform and equipment when attending work. This is for the reason if a superintendent comes to a Tesco store to review the staff, and they see an employee without the correct uniform et cetera, Tesco may get fined and therefore their reputation will be a great deal damaged and spoilt.

Furthermore the human resources people have to make sure that the lightening and temperature as well as the warmth has to be spot on, if not, one of Tesco’s staff can complain. Tesco don’t want this to happen, so the human resource workforce must be certain that the Tesco staffs are satisfied with the lightening and temperature in the store.

Last but most certainly not least, the human resources department by the side of Tesco should be sure that all their staff have the right length of their ‘lunch time or free time’. If Tesco’s staff are to much overworked this will mean their staff underperforming and not as vigorous. This will have bad body language and in some cases the staff might just leave and go to Asda for example, because Asda’s lunch time might be longer. Tesco must be ensured that the lunch time and free time is fairly and fairly accurate.


The Human Recourses department will have to ensure that all their staff is properly trained and have the right qualifications to do the jobs, and make sure they recruit the right person for a specific job. For example an IT technician will need to know how to work round computers and how they work as well as having the right qualifications to ensure that they are appropriate for the job, they carry out the procedure when the decision has been made, some one to work on tills, good till operator, good communication skills, job application to be made up, a job description, they will advertise the job, information from the line manager, posters in stores or online, they will short list the candidates and will filter which people are suitable for the job.

Another issue which the human resource area at Tesco has to deal with at training is they have to ask the other department e.g. Finance ; Operation, what their training needs are, this is when the human resource department ask Tesco’s other departments such as Finance, if training is needed hat area. For example if someone new starts at finance at Tesco, they will need superior training. This means Tesco’s human resource department having to organise the training. Finally Tesco’s human resource department will book courses for their existing staff. This is because same as when you’re driving, if you get older, you tend to make mistakes and forget thing, so training Tesco’s staff frequently, you are less likely to cause accidents etc.

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