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If the population increases, this will affect Tesco’s because this will increase the number of sales of products within the stores. Also affecting Tesco’s is if there is an increase of the number of people making themselves for work. This affects them because Tesco’s will have a large number of employees to choose from, but if there is not a lot of people available for work then Tesco’s will have to keep their current employers.

Population also affects CAFOD because if there is more people that are living in poverty, this means that more money has to be spent to be able to keep up with the areas that they work in, whereas if there was a decrease in the number of people in poverty, this means that more money can be saved or spent more on an area.

Education is an important factor to both CAFOD and Tesco, but can affect them in different ways. Education affects Tesco because with a good education, can lead to a good job, which means they will have a good source of income. With money they will be able to buy better brand products, and possibly more products will be bought than an average customer will be expected to buy. But if education was not at a high standard, this means that the job quality will be low, and so will their income. This leads to purchasing of a lower quality brand, or a lower average of products bought. This affects Tesco because if customers are spending more money, this generates more profit, and is the opposite when less money is spent. The lower the income, the less money spent which means profit is not at the highest potential.

For CAFOD, education is very important. CAFOD try to produce education for the countries they try to help, because they believe it can lead to a brighter future for the children and the economy. Providing education could lead to possible job careers, and a way out of poverty. For example, in Africa, CAFOD provide small schooling facilities, such as a place to learn, pen and pencils, paper and tables and chairs. Being able to learn broadens the job opportunities because of the educational background they will have. So instead of having to work on farms and helping families collect water, the education will allow them to have paid jobs, so they can possibly afford to buy the essentials they need, rather than having to travel long distances to collect them.

Household and families is another social factor that can affect Tesco and CAFOD. Having a large household will mean that the families will need to be able to provide food for all members of the house. This means that more money will be spent than families with a small household. For instance, if a household has two members in, this means that they will only have to buy a small amount of food per week, for them to be able to live on. Comparing this to a large household, such as four or more, the amount of food that is needed to be purchased, will be significantly more. This affects Tesco because if a family has a larger household, then more money will be spent in stores, so therefore generate more profit, opposed to a small household, less products will be purchased, so this does not make as much profit.

CAFOD will have problems when dealing with different household and families. Reasons being is that if CAFOD were to help a certain family, for example, providing money for them to live, other families around that area may become jealous, and confused in why they are just helping that one family, when they are in the same position. So CAFOD have tried to cut down on the individual assistance, and broaden their help by helping communities. But there are also more problems that come with that. These problems are household or families, with large amounts of members within it. Usually in less developed countries, there will be a large amount of members; this is because they will have more help in work, around the community. For example, more help around farms and crops, and more supplies being able to be brought back because of the extra assistance. This affects CAFOD because this means that they will have to provide more, such as buildings, food, water and education, so that leads to needing more money to be provided, to be able to afford the expenditures .


Dear Mr Baker, To give you a better understanding of the implications of my decision, I will inform you of what company we should use to distribute your product, and to distinguish why I have made this decision. I personally think that we should use a company within the voluntary sector, such as CAFOD, because they have more experience with helping certain areas in developing countries. Although, working with a company that is in private sector may be better as they generate more money than a voluntary sector would, but might not know exactly what to do or how to distribute certain products.

I believe that it would be appropriate to trust in a voluntary company, as they are most reliable and they have most probably committed more help in charitable organisations than a company in the private sector would have. CAFOD as you know is a charity based organisation means that they work with developing countries on a regular basis. This means that they have experience in distributing and helping people in developed countries, such as providing water wells, building and basic survival needs.

Tesco’s I believe will not be a suitable company to distribute our products, reasons being is because they are a private business and they have their own products to sell, so I believe that they will not be fully committed as a charitable organisation would.

So in conclusion, I believe that choosing CAFOD will benefit us and the developing country more than picking a private company like Tesco’s because of the commitment and time issues, and also because CAFOD is based for charity so that is their main focus, to help people, whereas a private company would have to think about selling their own products first so keep their business alive, and then think about distributing your products.

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