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Operations are a main department of Tesco because it is what they do to keep their business running. They do a lot of different activities to Cadbury as they run a completely different business. Their activities are buying, distribution and in store activities. Tesco’s operations consist of buying their products and then distributing it to their branches and then finally selling it in their stores and keep customers happy.

Buying is a very important operation for Tesco because if they didn’t there would be no stock to sell. They have to be able to buy the products cheap to make a profit and sell it off for a bit more. To know what to buy and what the customers want they have to research on the customers needs this way both the company and customers will be happy. That’s why they have to communicate with the marketing department and find out what the club cards have found out. Finding the products is a very important part of Tesco especially as they are a world-wide business. Tesco need to be able to cater for all sorts of people and different countries as different people like different things.

They have to make sure they sell their products the way that people want them to. E.g. in Britain the civilians shop once a week and buy a whole shopping’s worth that would last them a week and in Japan they shop daily and buy the things that they need. They also have to be able to negotiate prices both suitable for themselves and their customers. This means that they need to be able to communicate well withy suppliers and get someone who has very good communication skills and try getting the lowest price possible. They also need to put some in charge of arranging time and dates of deliveries.

This means they have to get their deliveries delivered at the right time and at the right place. This will be very beneficial as they will get their stock on time and they will be able to put in on shelves for customers to buy, this way the customers will be happy and will tell other people that Tesco is the best place to go to. Tesco needs good scouts who will find the best deals so the company will make some good profit. E.g. if there was two people selling products and one was cheap but it was of a bad quality and the other was of a slightly higher price but of higher quality customers would buy the more higher quality because they wouldn’t be bothered to pay slightly more for the higher quality product.

In store Tesco need to be able to be able to work well with each other. One thing they need to do is make sure they get the right deliveries of stock. Instead of just ordering one product with not much of the lorry full they have a lorry full of all the different stock they need to be efficient as possible. They need to be able to make sure that the stock that they have ordered goes on the shelves at the right time otherwise there will not be any stock for customers to buy. The customer service would have to be able to make sure they handle enquiries and complaints at their best otherwise customers will not be happy. If they can not come to an agreement they make a suitable arrangement. This way both workers and customers will be happy as they will be stress free.

Instead of just ordering one product with not much of the lorry full they have a lorry full of all the different stock they need to be efficient as possible. They need to make sure they order from the correct distribution centre otherwise it will complicate things and the progress will become slow. Distributing smaller quantities of these goods in lorries to stores throughout the UK wastes time as they will need to other products this will cost extra money as the lorries will need to go to and from the places. They would rather get lots of their products they need in one lorry as this saves them money and lorries do not to come to Tesco and go back to their distribution centres. Tesco could also use just in time stock control which is getting stock when they need it and put it straight on the shelves for customers to buy.

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