Tesco and Morrison’s

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New look face the pressure of making their online site look appealing. As new look is a fashion website they must also create a website that proves to the audience that they are indeed fashionable. The way they present their homepage will give the audience an insight what they expect to see. For example on their homage they may have a good looking model dressed nicely in New look clothing and as result the customers may be visually captured by and then check out the whole online site.

New look have taken action by proving to their customers that they know what fashion is. They produce quality pictures of their models and advertise it well on there homepage. Not only does it draw attention from the public but it also shows customers that the models clothing are from a store like New look and is not the typical designer wears that models wear. It will make the customers want to buy the product as it look good on the website Price New look need to produce prices that are reasonable and affordable.

The face the pressure of creating low prices from competitors such as H&M and Primark. As the clothing sold in these stores are different not only does New look have to capture their audience with the style of the clothing but also with the pricing. New look will feel the pressure of making sure that the prices they put up are enough for them to make a profit however it also needs to be better compared to competing stores. New look have taken action by making their prices as affordable as they can.

Compared to other stores there quality of clothing is worth the money. Although clothing is cheap at Primark the quality of the product is not as good as New look therefore customers will not mind paying an extra ? 5 knowing that it will last them much longer. In addition they take their customers and target audience into consideration. A lot of young teens like to shop at New look therefore they have made a strategic decision of offering 10% of two students. People New look faces the pressure of delivering excellent customers service.

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As New look has a lot of products similar to Primark both companies will be competing for customers. This can be done through here customer service. When a customer goes into any of these online supermarket websites they will always compare the prices of each product, moreover they would also like to see the review on the online services. So as a result of this New look provides better customers service than Primark because New look always respond to the customers through social media and their website.

The consumers will want to shop again online due to the online experience and also the friendly service and customer service. New look has responded to this action by making sure that their customers are being treated well online by answering the questions with any queries about their product sized, material and shipping. Furthermore New look has responded to this action by employing staff who are IT literate and also have good skills with the interaction of the customers through the online server.

Promotion New look face the pressure in having new fashion trends, and keeping up to season/date. As New look is about fashion, they must introduce new trends and keep track of latest trends before there out. With close competitors such as Primark, they will face more pressure in introducing new trends before they do. If Primark introduces something new and New look hasn’t, it builds a ton of pressure on them, knowing that they have to counter attack by introducing new trends to overcome their rivals.

New look has responded to this action by introducing new fashion clothing and style online, furthermore they also include the exclusive items on the online store at a reasonable price with free delivery which makes customer want it because it’s original as no other brand has it, secondly the delivery is free worldwide. Therefore competitors such as Primark with have no chance competing with New look as the customers have already viewed the exclusive product and they would want it. Ultimately ASDA had a plan to take its ASDA Direct and George Clothing business online, so they can increase their profit and turnover.

At the time, ASDA did not have the IT infrastructure in place to take its business online, however as the time went passed ASDA has successfully advanced in an online services in 2008, and the plan that ASDA has is to establish an online business that helped ASDA to generate more turnover and profit, reinforce the relationship with existing customers and attract new ones. In addition to this ASDA has successfully established their online presence with millions of customers across the UK purchasing products through the online services which ASDA has provided.

In evident to this the ASDA statistics page provides that “Grocery Home Shopping continues to grow with market share now 18. 4%”, “Click & Collect continues to drive e-commerce growth with more than 20,000 customers per week”. Furthermore, with the great results ASDA is gaining from the online market, now they’re rapidly developing their online services with more advanced and better services for the customers to access the website, use the site for shopping and different payment methods for the customers to purchase the item with.

With the improvement of the online services, one of the features which ASDA has delivered back to the customers is ASDA has also been able to respond to customer demands to shop online and collect in store. The e-commerce supplier implemented a ‘click ; collect’ capability for ASDA and today, on average, 60% of online orders are collected in store.

The other feature that ASDA has implemented in their website is that they’ve also added PayPal, which is another type of payment and now it’s easier for customers to do payment online without entering their bank details as some customers are worried to give out their bank details. All of this being said, this is how ASDA has become successful by doing the following and now it’s still doing good as the internet evolved more people are ordering online, especially in this modern day as it is easy to just order within a minute or so and this is less time consuming.

After all the statistics and improvements I’ve seen with ASDA online services I’d gladly say they are using the internet at the best uses because ASDA has substantially improved greatly since 2008 and onwards until now, they’ve adjusted their online services and made it into another phenomena which customers are happy to use due to the different beneficial reasons. ASDA are taking in account of the online internet skills which other online businesses have such as Amazon, and EBay.

Before ASDA never had any advanced online services such as click to collect, but now ASDA has merely improved on that section and it has been a blast with the results it got, now there are 40,000 click and collect deliveries which is a terrific result. Ultimately I’ll say ASDA use the Internet for the best uses to increase their online customer base moreover the main point is to increase their profit and turnover to make ASDA an established online presence.

However there are several factors which ASDA can work on and improve on to make it a better version and stand out against their competitors such as Tesco through the online services. The factors that I’d like to clarify is to offer reassurance about the security of the website and payment as some customers have doubt to enter their information and bank details, therefore ASDA should show some sort of image or symbol of online security check as this can make more customers online to feel confident in shopping with ASDA.

Another factor that I’d like to conclude is that ASDA shouldn’t allow shoppers to register before checkout because this will cause a lot of distractions as you will have to enter details and it will spare time, as some shoppers will like to view the items and price of the overall shopping then once they’re happy with the cost, they will register their information after the checkout, so that’s the second factor that ASDA needs to work upon on.

The last factor that I’d like ASDA to improve on is to add a forum page for all the reviews of the products and items as this can help new customers with any unsure problems therefore I’d like ASDA to work on creating a forum page on the same website which ASDA can answer questions about anything which regards with the online website products and prices. Advantage: The biggest advantage of using the Internet for business is its cost effectiveness. Opening and maintaining an online store costs a fraction of the budget required to open a physical shop.

Advertising online is less expensive than in traditional media, and it allows business owners to reach a more targeted demographic. Another advantage for ASDA is that they can reach to more customers online because of the big following on social media sites such as Facebook, twitter therefore when they promote an offer or a deal the word can get around on social media sites and it can attract new customers who are willing to try out ASDA and their products, services.

Disadvantage: One of the problems with doing business on the Internet is that it can be expensive to copyright or patent your website ideas, although ASDA is a huge national business however it will cost a lot of money to copyright the business ideas and this will be part of the capital expenditure. Another disadvantage is that ASDA online does the online service for the UK, if ASDA expands into other distant markets in Europe this can increase their sales and recognition across Europe and this will make ASDA much more successful and known.

ASDA has a lot of competitions with competitors such as Tesco and Morrison’s. The competition that ASDA faces with the businesses such as Tesco is the, Price, customers, and many other factors. First of all I’d like to compare the prices of both businesses which are ASDA and Tesco. According to the many reviews and websites it has evidently said that ASDA is much cheaper than Tesco because of the prices of nearly all of the products.

For example ASDA sells 550g chicken fillet for ? 3. 57, whereas Tesco sells it for ? 4. 00 and clearly you can tell that ASDA has a cheaper price. The evidence for this is this website http://www. mysupermarket. co. uk/shopping/findproducts. aspx? query=chicken&store=asda, and the evidence for the cheaper products on the whole is this website, http://www. thegrocer. co. uk/home/topics/christmas/asda-christmas-shopping-basket-nearly-10-cheaper-than-tescos/510882. article.

Secondly I’d like to compare the customer base for both of the business, and I’d gladly say that ASDA is doing much better than Tesco with the customer base online because they have more customers by the result of the social media following, in Twitter ASDA has more than 300 thousand followers whereas Tesco has more than 200 thousand followers so there’s a huge difference between customer base online. Furthermore Click & Collect continues to drive e-commerce growth with more than 20,000 customers per week for ASDA which is a terrific result, and this shows that how customers are fonder with ASDA online services.

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