Television Bad Effect

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It is not really hard to gain information nowadays, we have many resources for information, starting from newspaper, radio, television, to the internet, but the most popular one is television. Television (in short; TV) is a one-sided type of media that used for spreading information. Television has many superiorities than any other information media. Despite its superiorities, television has also many bad effects. According to me there is three bad effects of watching television. First one is television can make our body susceptible to disease.

According to research in UCLA television is one of the reasons why people get insomnia. People who get insomnia never rest well, which make their body’s weak and easy to get sick. Not only that another research found that kids can have myopia due to watching television too long. Some researchers believe that obesity comes from watching television. Because most people who watch television are idler, and they choose to watch television while eating snack, this is really bad habit from watching television, and the negative effect of television in general.

The next negative thing from television is the effect of the inappropriate programs on children. Have you ever heard about smack down? Some kind of television program that showing violence from wrestling. Not only violence but this program also showing public nudity, it will be fine if the watchers were only adult. But in fact ‘Smack down’ was aired in prime time! When all people from adult to kid watch television. Now we have to remember the dark time when many kids die from imitating the move from smack down that they watch in television.

Not only that we also did not feel weird for hearing the news about some kid rape his friend, this event also happen from watching television. Television is good to watch for having some information but it became bad if the program were all inappropriate. Last but not least and the most dangerous thing about television is that television can drive public opinion. Television is a massive informant, almost everyone could and wanted to watch television. Almost everyone who watches television believes in what the television says.

Now imagine what if the information that television gives is fake. Wonder how many people will fall for that, for example the television said that fuel price rumored to rise. Instantly all of the merchant will rise their stuff price, but in fact the fuel price were not rising so we can say that television drive the merchant to think that fuel price has rising. That condition was what happening right now, many politician owning television station so they can drive people opinion to make themselves look good in the people eyes.

Television also used by the government to distract people from the country problem. After all television is still the most mass informant used by people. But as I said before television has many negative things. According to me there is three bad things, first television are bad for our health. Second television gives bad education to children. Last television can hypnotize public into some condition. So I suggest not to watch television for a long time and try to filter all information you watch from television.

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