Tele-working case study

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Customer can easily find out the information about the offers because of pop up message, big fonts etc. Offers are displayed in the travel agent by advertising such as flyers or poster formats. Security It’s secure on some website to book a flight because they use encryption software to secure the personal details of the customers. Customer can find out if its secure website or not by looking at the web address starts with “https”.

Almost 90% Travel agent are secure and safe but most of them might not be because they might be fraud and runs away with the money. Advantages and Disadvantages – There is less chance of mistake on web. – Fraud and hackers on net. – Personal contact could be lost on the net. – Fraud travel agent person – Commission for travel agent. Comparing researching on the internet about Sixth Form College with manual alternative methods Internet Sixth From College Service Customer can research information anytime they want because the online services are 24 hours open.

Customer has to go at opening hours or can go on an open days. Information set-up Information is reliable because the website is up to date. Information on web is more effective because of colour, animated and flash. Its more interactive mode. Information is not exactly reliable because the staff knows by reading the prospectus. So on web they can up date the information just in case if they are wrong. Helping Environment Displaying on web saves paper and printing cost.

Saving electricity cost by not publishing on web. Email Helps things getting faster. Helps things getting faster unless you find the staff you were looking for. Facilities On web you can see the facilities they provide by images and this is not 100% reliable. Knows 100% how is the college like by visiting. Consider factors relating to levels of employment due to the growth of Internet services.

Due to the growth of internet services company are sacking the employees out and there are loss of jobs because internet is used to get things faster and easier for the company benefits. Example Company that has warehouse doesn’t need because the companies are using JIT system which helps the company getting goods on time. This saves money because the companies don’t have to pay to employees.

Company uses JIT system to get good so the goods are delivered by delivery services so there is rise of jobs in postal and delivery services. Postal and delivery services are rise because not just company but people around the world do shopping through internet. Internet is cheap for advertising and its open 24 hours so this helps the company to advertise and use e-commerce for buying and selling goods on internet. There are different kinds of jobs in Internet such as web designer, system analyst, computer programmer etc. There are fewer jobs available in IT because all around the world everyone likes to do IT.

The other thing about internet that some jobs are been done in out country example web designer, this job in UK the company pays 40k but they send it to different country like India and tell them to make website for the company which only cost 13k. The jobs in IT are getting fewer and fewer. The last thing about internet is that web services are increasing and new software are developing so the old employee might don’t know about it so the company has to train them to use it and this cost money and the trainer will demand for more money to train the employee. This will lead to company loss.

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