Teenage Suicide

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Teenage suicide is one of the leading causes of death in our young society today. Many young adolescents feel as if it is the only way out of their pain and sorrow, and rely on suicide as their last resort. Although people attempt/commit suicide for different reasons, there are three main reasons that teenagers kill themselves. These reasons are an undiagnosed mental health disorder, bullying, and as a cry out for help from the stress. Those are the top main reasons why teenagers these days commit suicide.

As studies show, people from the ages of 12-25 are the most likely to take their lives because it is the most stressful years of a person’s life. Although stress is a big part of suicide, having an undiagnosed mental health disorder is the top leading cause. Mental health disorders are just as deadly as cancer, but sadly not many people realize it until it is too late. People take the words “mental health” and think of schizophrenia, but depression is just as horrid. Teenagers all of the world suffer from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, OCD, ADD and plenty of other mental health disorders.

Although most teens who live with these problems feel despair and hopelessness, there is help! With the right diagnosis, you can easily get counseling, medication, and other resources to help you out. Sadly, when you live with a mental health problem and it is diagnosed for a long period of time, it will just keep getting worse, until it eventually leads to a very low depression, or even suicide. Happily, suicide due to mental illnesses has been decreasing in the past decade. Bullying is another main reason that teenagers commit suicide.

Approximately 24% of high school students have seriously considered suicide due to bullying, and nearly 14% of those students have succeeded during their high school years. Not only is bullying is verbal anymore, but cyber bullying has become very common as well. Teenagers via Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, text message, Snapchat, Tumblr and many other social networks tell their peers just to “go kill themselves already” on a daily basis. The unfortunate part of that is, most of the bullying victims take their advice, go home, and kill themselves.

According to statistics by Yale University, it says “bully victims are 2-9% more likely to consider suicide than non-victims. ” Another study in Britain found that “at least half of suicides in teenagers are related to bullying, and 10-14 year old girls are at an even higher risk of suicide due to bullying. ” Those numbers are very high, and need to be decreased. Way too many young people are taking their lives due to bullying and “not fitting in” that they feel they don’t belong. Finally, the last reason why teenagers commit suicide is loneliness, and trying to cry out for help.

Many teenagers these days have a lot of stressors in their lives, but sadly not all young adolescents know healthy ways to cope with the stress. Many teens turn to crying, self-harm (cutting, burning), drugs/alcohol, or even suicide. Teenagers deal with different problems in their lives like family problems, relationships, friendships, trying to fit in, bullying, peer pressure etc. These are all very difficult things to deal with, and some teenagers struggle more with trying to deal with the pain. They try to cry out for help, but as soon as they feel that speaking their mind is not enough, they turn to their last resort; suicide.

In conclusion, undiagnosed mental health disorder, bullying, and as a cry out for help from the stress are the 3 main reasons why teen suicide is so common, and needs to be changed. There are way too many young people taking their lives over manageable situations, and they need to get the help before it is too late. “Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary situation. ” Although some times and situations can get very tough, suicide is never the answer. If you or anyone knows someone dealing with suicide ideation, talk to them immediately. Suicide is not a joke, and should never be taken as one. You could save the life of a teenager.

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