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Carbon emissions waste, sourcing food and sustainability can affect the environment from large organization such as Tesco. Tesco must be aware of concerns of food mileage, as Food mileage are flown from thousands of miles away which are available all year round, which causes damage to environment due to plane travelling. Also sustainability must be made aware of as Tesco must ensure that their fish are caught in a way that the environment is kept safe and ensure that there is future supply.

This has impacted on Tesco as they have had to reduce the percentage of waste and have had to recycle some of their packaging in order to increase their reputation within the food retailing market. They have also had to cut their carbon emissions by reducing their small deliveries. This is because Tesco is a big business and altogether produces a lot of waste. They have had to cut down their small deliveries and had to put them in with the big ones on another date to reduce carbon emission. This impact is beneficial because they have reduced their carbon footprint as well as their waste.

This demonstrates that their reputation with customers will not be tarnished as they are doing their bit in protecting the planet. This means they will not be fined for overproducing waste and carbon emissions and will remain legal as well as environmental which will make environmental customers happy and will attract them for their reputation to. Tesco has been named top UK retailer for tackling climate change, based on its inclusion in the CDP’s FTSE 350 Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index for the fourth year in a row. Tesco is clearly committed to reducing its carbon footprint by 50% by 2020.

Also, Tesco is minimizing the waste produced in their stores by increasing social conscience in customers. Tesco are helping the environment by reduces carbon footprint and minimizing the waste in their stores. Tesco are using LEDS because they are proven that they can deliver energy saving and reduce maintenance expenditure. So far they have converted 1,200 to their small convenience stores to led lighting they save 17 GWH of electricity and reduces their carbon footprint by 7,640 tons each year. How technology in the consumer market impacted Tesco.

With all the radical changes, there were trends such as technology. Some of most of these technologies includes bar code scanning, club card service. All these new technologies have come to reshape the some aspects of the consumer current market. Loyalty card can be another new technology that affected the market; the card is simply as a reward for becoming honest and loyal towards business. Retailers have must adapt to this specific change by giving loyalty card for their customers who haven’t proven any type of loyalty and perhaps it is employed to attract new buyers

The UK’s first transactional barcode scanner for the iPhone is being launched by Tesco, enabling householders to scan any grocery item and add it to a home delivery order instantly. The barcode reader, which has been added to the existing Tesco Groceries app available on the iPhone, is being targeted at busy parents and time-poor professionals who want to be able to add specific items to their online shopping basket at any time rather than browsing for groceries to add to their shopping lists

Tesco’s has scan-as-you-shop scanners, so you can scan your own shopping and pay at the end. They are quick and easy, and you don’t have to keep unloading and reloading you’re shopping. This helps Tesco customers to do their shopping easy and fast but will cost them money to buy these technology devices so this means they will lose money but make customers happy at the same time.


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