Technique of Badminton Shots

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The technique of Badminton shots is very important for the player as the main way to win the game comes through shots. Shots will help you score and advance the quality of the game. The shots in the game are many and they can all be played as forehand or backhand. The only exception is the service shot that can only be played as a forehand shot.

The shots that are forehand are shot from the same side as the playing hand. The forehand shot for a right handed player is his right side that also leads. The backhand shot is the opposite. A backhand shot for a right handed player is his left side. Backhand shots are played with the back of the hand leading. There are players however that use the same side to play shots that are backhand. It is not easy to choose the right shot for the right situation. Shots played depend on the circumstances of the game. The first thing players consider is the position of the shuttlecock. The next thing to consider is the place your opponent is. If the shuttlecock is close to the net, the player can hit a ‘net kill’ shot. This shot is preferred when the shuttle is above and very close to the net and is made by hitting it downwards. This achieves an immediate win. If the shuttle is around a middle distance from the net, the player can stil use this downward movement to hit it, but paying attention to drive it to pass the net. This can have the same result.

If the shuttle is in neither of these two positions described, the player may choose to hit it from the rear while it is still above the net. This will help drive the shuttle at the other end where the opponent had probably not enough time to reach and make another shot. There are also shots called ‘clears’ that are made by hitting the shuttlecock high and above the net, right to the end of the other side of the court

These hits are spectacular to watch and are preferred by good players that can be accurate and fast. Most of the times a shot like that brings an instant win. Drop shots are the soft shots that drive the shuttlecock downwards in the other side of the court. These shots can also bring victory as the opponent can’t easily hit back.
All shots have one thing in common. They are hit to score. The idea is to drive the shuttlecock in a place where the opponent is not. You can achieve that by hitting one of these shots according to the situation. You can also achieve it by hitting a shot that cannot be hit back. So the goal is to pass the shuttlecock over the net and land it in the opponent’s field in a way that it is not possible for him to hit it back. Enjoy the game.

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