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In this part of my coursework, I will be explaining a group activity or teal working in our business which is the high school musical stalls which is all about selling merchandise product. In this team I’m the one participating of this team and I hope that I will work correctly my responsibility in my team. In our group activity in our team will be working on team structure which is defining our duties and responsibility inside the business and the leadership style will also be discussed – means that what types of leadership style we used to managing our people at work. Also I must evaluate the team theorist which is applicable in our team and discussing the other factors that affect the performance level of team work means what kind of skills or qualities of our team members inside the business.

On the group activity with my team, we are working on the type of planning, technique and preparation of our merchandise business. Our business will be selling High School Musical merchandise inside from the College of Archbishop where they have a high school musical concert. Our business will provide and selling different kinds of High school musical merchandise items and we selling sweet food as well. In our preparation we arrange the tables within two parts so that when the peoples coming, they see our selling products.

Team Working

About the team working – it is important to consider my own job in team in the business. Team working for me is to encourage my other team workers to create good communicate each other so that can lead a wide range of good team working as a group which can lead to high motivated. The Diagram below shows our team structure in our business, which also belbin team working role: In this structure of our team, its shows that our team have a different duties and responsibilities to run a business, including making objectives with the business. Our team leader which Sean helps us to improved our decision and giving guidelines on making aims and objectives inside from the business.

In my idea, I will decide to working in Resources investigator for the chosen role within the business which is High School musical Product – which is all about responsible for all resources within the business. As the Resources investigator, I will ensuring as a team a good communication with my other team workers in the business, gives a team a rush of enthusiasm at the start of the project within the business. In my role as a Resources Investigator – I will be probably the most immediately likeable members of the team. My job is to keep good at communicating with people both inside and outside the company.

This job is natural negotiators and adept at exploring new opportunities and developing contacts. As the role of the team, I will be bringing new ideas, information and development as a team. This may be physical, financial or human resources, political support, information or ideas. Being highly driven to make connections with people, the Resource Investigator may appear to be flighty and inconstant, but their ability to call on their connections is highly useful to the team.

My team had the role of being the coordinator (which is Sean) – His Function is coordinator as a team which is organiser and good communication. The Sharper (Sean role) – which is taking charge in all staff performance like their absences etc, On our HSM stall team group, we decided to take Sean as a Manager price because we know that he can handle on organising the prices of the product we sell. The plant (Claudia Role) – which the innovator of the group and planning the different ideas, suggestion and proposal on how to success the business we made. Also Claudia working as a budgeting of the business which handling all profit making in the business and buying all stock to sell. The monitor evaluator (Thom role) – which is to analysing all idea and plan within the business, also they must step into makes a contribution before the final decisions are made from the other team in the business.

Thom also organising selling our product in different location or area, at this task Thom must make sure that the place for selling to the customer is being appropriate and where more customers coming in that area. The implementer (Kevin Role) – which provides a good organiser and administrator with planning and scheduling the entire task needed in the business. The team worker (Drew Role) – which supporting and encourage from the team, his job is also the problem solver within the group. The completer (Kyle Role) – His job is to ensure the group meets its targets, both terms on time and quality. Also Kyle must usually checking all the details about the task doing on time, to ensure if there is something wrong with the task, it can be prevent quickly. The specialist (Claudia Role) – the last role of the team where must have knowledge and skills of the required the entire task needed to the business.

We figured out which roles we both fit into once we had started working together as a team in the business. Here on, we fell into our roles automatically and took it further from there. We found it easier that splitting up our roles shared out the responsibility. My team group both still be working on the same task but we would take different parts of the task as our skills would be different. We found that this gave the best output as the best of our skills were put to use.

The benefits of making own task and responsibilities as a team for the business is where I getting experience on how to deal with the customers, its likely when I was selling HSM folders for our product which is quite hard to sell because its expensive and the product is quite not popular to the people – means poor varieties and people don’t like it, however I have experience and idea on how to improve on selling product the customers. This means that I identify the different methods and strategies to improved selling from the customers; it’s like giving more information about the product, proving good pricing strategies and other types of customer services. These can be increasing our range of product selling to the customers because we will provide a very good strategy of customer satisfaction.

Each team will have its own unique limitations, based on the skills and characteristics of the team members, resource and time constraints, and length of time together. In my contribution as a team, it will face limitations resulting from common factors, such as the human tendencies that can be results of absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability, and inattention to the team which can be lead not supporting with others which can be poor range of productivity and can be risky for our organisation. So that I must aware that I will ensure that I understand what my common goal in the business we made, attending and helping any kind of work, and helping on the member of the team to avoid and problems coming in our business.

The hardest part of working with my team is where I will provide a high performance level to recognise out team as a first place. It can challenge for me to increase our productivity and quality in the business. So that in members of the team must contribute different skills and express the individual interest and opinions to achieve the common goal in the business. However there is also limitation for me to working as a team within the business.

For my own limitation in the team, I think I’m very shy to talk for the team on what information I need to talk about which can be lead a poor communication each other and I did not sharing my other information within the team which also cause of unprepared and misleading work. In this case, as a team member of this business, I need to share my knowledge to my group and talk what other information I know to create a good impact of motivation and creating good communication with my team. Also as a member of the team, I showing that I hard working and doing my role correctly so that they can trust on me as a resources investigator in the business. For me working on the team must always share and corporate with each other to planning and organising work.

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