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Advertising is providing information, calling attention to, and making known something that you want to sell or promote therefore the aim of any printed media text is to inform, persuade and advise. Some such as ‘smoking’ adverts are there to inform people of the dangers and to help. Others such as ‘loreal’ are there to persuade people to buy their companies product. But the vast majority of adverts are there to persuade.

When reading different media texts, the audience expect a variety of elements of a print-media advertisement, which contributes to its effectiveness, these are: visuals such as photo’s and line drawings., graphics such as lettering, logos and slogans and finally copy. The advert I have chosen contains all these things which are portrayed in a lively and vibrant way, just like the product. The purpose of this essay is to analyse how the layout and language of the ‘herbal essence hair colour’ advert has been used to target specific audiences.

The crucial feature in my advert is the witty yet effective slogan; this is in a larger, bold type and of a different font. This is placed at the top of the page making sure that this is one of the first things the readers see. The first letter of the slogan is much larger than the rest and of a completely different font from the other copy; this is to show the importance. The ‘All drama, no trauma’ phrase refers to an important meaning; you will still have all the drama and attention without any trouble. This ables it to sound chatty and informal as well as very dramatic and gives it a memorable title – something to refer to.

The explanation of the product is written in a clear, simple style throughout containing expressions of everyday speech: ‘it’s your choice’, ‘so go ahead’, ‘what have you got to be afraid of.’ This text is written in a very simple style to keep it simple and dramatic. The personal messages are designed to get on the side of the reader showing they think what you think. This attracts the reader into thinking our product is right for you. I think the printed text targets an audience of young women as the advert denotates a young woman with red vibrant hair. This hair colour would most probably appeal to younger adults as the hair colour is wild and bright.

On my advert, one of the first things you see is the alarmist opening slogan, written in bold capitals, offered like ‘bait’ to catch the readers attention. The very simple copy is placed at the bottom-left of the advert, outlining ‘new’ as the main point of the offer. This copy also expands on the alarmist slogan at the top of the advert and introduces the offer. The green background clashes with the red hair making a distinctive outline from the foreground to the background. The reds and greens throughout represent a strong contrast therefore exaggerate the striking hair colour.

Another main feature of my advert is the happy and vibrant image of the young woman with bright, shiny hair to catch the reader’s attention. Also, all the copy throughout my advert is reversed out; the white writing on the coloured background makes a bold contrast. The clear identifiable logo ‘herbal essences’ is on the real life image of what the product looks like at the bottom-right of the advert; this is quite small as this is not the most important feature of the advert.

I think the printed text targets an audience of young women. I think this because the language is very personal as if the advert is talking to you; ‘colour yourself today’, ‘of your choice’ etc. These phrases are aimed directly at the reader. The words that are often used are ‘your’ and ‘yourself’ these are used to make sure the text is memorable and sticks in your mind, as if it’s a personal message just to you.

As the beautiful woman is the main objective, the carefree woman is selling the message that the product is a ticket to popularity; by using it you will become like these people: stylish, carefree, confident and happy. This is the reward for buying the product. The advertiser is using the consumers’ feelings of inadequacy and jealousy to sell the product. This definitely appeals to the expected target audience, every woman wants to be attractive and the centre of attention.

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