Target marketing

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Target marketing is specifically aiming a product at a certain market segment, to try to achieve the highest possible profits at the right target market. The ways a market can be segmented are age, gender, behaviour (e.g. sports and hobbies), style, income and activities. The market segments that the museum is currently targeting is behaviour- such as students and children in education- such as history from the 1880s to the 1960s.

Through behaviour, it also targets people who are interested in arts and heritage, people who interested in plants (Victorian Conservatory) and people who come for days out, such as elderly couples and families. It targets a range of socio-economic groupings, for example, if the lower classes wanted to come to the museum they do deals for families and bus companies such as Arriva/Stagecoach offer special trips. For the middle and upper classes who have more income they offer season tickets, weddings and co-operative events. It targets both genders, as it is not specifically for one gender. As it offers co-operative events- it can attract the activities segment.

The museum offers educational visits, which is successful with students and children as it would fit in with their curriculum. For adults and the elderly it offers weddings and hiring. As it targets many markets segments, such as age, gender, behaviour and activities, it appears that they have a large target market. The current visitors to the museum are children and students, people interested in arts and heritage, families, elderly and people interested in days out to the museum.

Services that the museum offers that fit the needs of children and pupils are tours and guides round the museum and information from the museum that helps them with their school work and fits in with the national curriculum. Also, weddings, hiring’s, co-operative events and exhibitions help meet the needs of people coming to visit the museum for a day out. The products that the museum offer are the miniature railway and river below the museum- this could be for children, adults and children wanting a day out, these products would meet their needs to keep families and children entertained. The Victorian conservatory- for people interested in the Arts- for drawing and plants. Furthermore, the toys and souvenirs available in the shop could keep children entertained- a social reason.

They have modified their main product- the museum by providing certain exhibitions and displays at different times in the year- to make sure that consumers visiting the museum do not get bored with the same attractions. Also, the different displays and exhibitions could fit in with what students and children are learning all year round, not just one certain topic. The museum also offers family fun days that involve all of the family, not just for children. The museum does not attract teenagers or young couples, possibly for social reasons. And it does not appear to target these markets, only on special events like family fun days out.

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