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Tesco have focused on website usability issues to create a site that is user-friendly and simple to navigate. Tesco have placed their navigational links in separate frames so they are visible at all times whilst scrolling around the main text area. This technique enables the customer to see where they are in the site at any time. The site makes it simpler to browse by having categorised their products into separate sections.

Shoppers are able to browse the shop online, adding products to their online shopping baskets and then go to the checkout to pay by debit/credit card/Tesco Clubcard. In an attempt to increase convenience for the consumer, Tesco have added a feature to their website which allows shoppers to create an electronic shopping list that can be saved and recalled at a later date when they shop online again. Next day delivery is promised when ordering online and the opportunity to order goods up to 28 days in advance is also available.

Nowadays, many people have smart phones which are used regularly to browse anything they wish. Tesco has an application which any smart phone device can download and use. The previous Tesco app allowed customers to find the exact aisle and shelf placement of a product in their local branch using ‘Tesco finder’. You can now buy wine by taking a photo of the label using ‘Wine finder’ and your device will be turned into a club card.

This is their latest feature yet. As long as customers are registered on their website, the app allows them to find products, create shopping baskets and arrange for delivery, all on a smart phone. http://www. wired. co. uk/news/archive/2010-09/09/tesco-app Accessibility at Tesco Tesco. com is committed to provide customers a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience. Information about the Tesco. com site, how to change how it looks and tips for customers using screen readers.

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