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By designing my billboard and magazine adverts I am aiming to sell the fragrance by advertisement and I am hoping that my billboard design will be seen all over the world and that my magazine adverts will appear in a lot of woman’s magazines of which my target audience read. To make my billboard and magazine designs, I first did a lot of research on women’s fragrance adverts and became familiar with all the conventions of this type of advert. I then designed my brand name, tag line and did some research on perfume bottles in magazines and on the Internet.

I then needed a picture of a model for my advertisements, so I used a digital camera to take a photograph of a friend. I also used the digital camera to take photographs of my brand name and bottle. Once I had all the conventions needed to make an advert, I used a programme called Photoshop, which is a photo-editing piece of software. I then got my floppy disk out of the digital camera with all my pictures on and began putting my advertisements together. Each picture is called a layer on Photoshop, so I opened up all my layers, which include the model, brand name and bottle and arranged them to the way I wanted it to look.

Once everything was in place, I picked a colour I wanted the background to be and used the airbrush to carefully paint around the images and then fill in the rest of the background to make it all blend in. I used basically the same process for all three advertisements. The was only one main problem which was the piece of software (Photoshop) because this was my first time using this programme so it was completely new to me and therefore it was very hard and complicated to use, but then my media studies teacher gave the class a demonstration on how to use it.

After playing around on it and finding out what everything meant, I got used to it and found it much easier and apart from that there was really no other problems. I think that the form of my products are very effective as they show understanding of perfume advertisements and have the most common conventions of an advert such as model, tag line and brand name. All these conventions are appropriate because on my billboard design, I have a picture of a young lady of who is aimed at my target audience, which varies from around 16-25 years of age.

The model is a representative of what the target audience would like to be, because she represents young, sexually attractive/provocative and appeals to the target audience. But just because that’s the age my advertisements are aimed at, it doesn’t mean only women from that age range will purchase the fragrance, because other women of any age may like the smell so therefore will buy it. I have a brand name, which stands out from the design as I have gradiated the colours black and white to make it look more appealing.

There is also the picture of what the bottle looks like so that if a person was to see this billboard they would no the name of the perfume, they would no exactly what the bottle looks like and by having an image of a young lady they could also distinguish what the typical age range the product is designed for. On the billboard it has to contain these conventions as you could be travelling on a bus or in a car and therefore may only catch a glimpse of the billboard, so in that amount of time it has to look appealing to the viewer, to make the person think that looks good I think I’ll go and try that fragrance, or something along those lines.

I would display my billboard at quite large cities near good perfume stores, which sell my product. I would also have the words Paris, London and New York somewhere on my design, as they are luxury capitals associated with high life and would be very effective in selling the fragrance. The ways in how my billboard design are the same as professional products are that they contain a model(s) a tag line, brand name and an image of the actual bottle.

The product is intended to communicate to mainly young women, this is why I have a chose a young model because the image of her represents the way young women want to look, its mainly all about fashion, the latest trends, the way to look and the smell. When people see the advertisement they may buy the product because that’s how they want to look, they want to be fashionable and be up to date with all the latest trends and that’s mainly why I chose that particular model. Also the model is very attractive and they may think by purchasing the product that’s how they will look.

One of the other reasons I think the advertisements will attract women is that the perfume bottle also looks like a handbag, this also plays a part of fashion and accessories which young women are also interested in. On one of my advertisements for a magazine I have included the brand name, tag line, model, a picture of Saturn fading into the background and the words “THE NEW FRAGRANCE FOR WOMEN” because I didn’t include the bottle this time, and I thought if I had of seen this advertisement I wouldn’t of been able to distinguish what the advert was advertising, so by adding those words it tells the viewer it’s a fragrance for women.

By adding the picture of Saturn fading into the background it resembles the name of the perfume “SPACE” and makes the whole add stand out which gives it a lot of visual impact. In the other magazine advertisement I have included the brand name, tag line, the words “LONDON NEW YORK PARIS” and a large image of the perfume bottle. This time I did not use a model because just by having the large image of the bottle and the brand name it has quite a lot of visual impact and to me the bottle and brand name stand out from the whole advertisement, which makes it look very appealing.

Even though the three advertisements are slightly different because they don’t contain the same conventions, they still appeal to the same target audience, because my billboard design and one of my magazine advertisements both contain a model of around the same age range of my target audience. The other magazine advertisement contains the perfume bottle, which is in the shape of a handbag, which I have already said, but the bottle itself would appeal to my target audience as it comes under fashion and accessories, and that is what most women of my target audience age range are interested in.

The brand name “SPACE” and the tag line, which is “THE ULTIMATE EXPLORATION”, play together as like an exploration of space or by reading just the tag line, it makes you believe that by purchasing the fragrance it will be an uplifting experience. Also on my billboard design the brand name is in black and white, which I have done to make it stand out from the bluey-grey background, and to tie in with the black and white image of the model, together these two ideas worked well.

The image and the tag line also work well as the tagline says “THE ULTIMATE EXPLORATION”, which I have already expressed, but by using that particular tag line and the image of the model, it’s like saying buy this product for the most uplifting experience and also look like this.

The generic conventions of all perfume advertisements work because they appeal to a particular audience, so therefore may use a model of the same age range. They use colours, which appeal to the target audience for e. g. they would not use bright pink for a middle-aged woman’s advertisement, they would be more likely to use this colour on a typical teenage girl audience. They also work by putting them in the magazines, which their target audience read, and by showing their billboards in cities, which consist of good perfume stores. As I have done research on fragrance advertisements, I have noticed that they all nearly show the same conventions of which I have named above.

So now I would expect to see these conventions in basically all advertisements, because as I explained earlier everything is there for a reason, there not just put there for the sake of being there. So you see, everything works together, including the designs of the advertisement to how it’s published by the media to sell the fragrance. Just to see if my adverts where appealing I asked my sister who is 20 years old if she would consider buying this perfume?

She said yes, definitely as she liked the way the bottle looks and the model represents it’s mainly for women around her age range, maybe a little younger and that the tag line is very effective of how it fits together with the brand name. So her answer to my question was yes, she would definitely consider it. By constructing this product I have learned all about producing fragrance advertisements and how they are advertised, and everything needed to make one. Also that it is important for the advertisement to contain all the necessary conventions needed, as they show the viewer all the information they need to no.

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