Honours in Nursing

Colorectal cancer is the second most common cause of cancer-related deaths in the UK (Brooker, 2005); and this paper aims to discuss the treatment and care of a 68 year old gentleman who has been admitted for colostomy forming surgery. Consideration will be given to both the pre-operative and post-operative care that Mr Jones will […]

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The aims and objectives of this essay are to analyse a critical incident from a practice based situation

I will provide an overview of the incident, and the discussion it provoked during a group presentation. I will then go on to analyse the situation and the effects that it had on the persons involved. In order to help me with my reflection I have chosen Gibbs (1988), as a model to help guide […]

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Evaluating Methods

This has been a very stressful year for me. My parents separated last summer, I had to move out, and my sister is moving out. The family despite my feelings about the situation also disowned my Uncle. Even through all of those events there were a lot of lessons learned, but those life lessons could […]

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Aspect of Care Essay: The Post-Operative Care Following a Hysterectomy and Bilateral Salpingo-oophorectomy

Approximately 60,000 hysterectomy operations are performed each year (NHS Direct, 2002). Despite being a common surgical procedure the rate of post-operative complications had been reported to be 40 -50% (Schofield et al, 1991). Hysterectomy affects many aspects of a woman’s health and involves a complex interaction of biological, psychological and social factors. Holistic health and […]

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Nursing Practice Management

The purpose of this report was to analyse the management systems on a Urology ward. The report explored four key areas, very briefly due to the word constraint. The four key areas were managing the service, managing people, managing resources and managing information. The ward staff were fully committed to the team nursing approach to […]

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Critical Analysis of a Clinical Incident

As student nurses, throughout this nursing course, we have continuously been reminded of the numerous issues in healthcare; some ongoing and some more current. Members of the multidisciplinary team are encouraged and expected to work together and overcome these issues so they can provide patients with the care they need. Therefore, the need for Inter-professional […]

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Nursing Report

Nursing is an evidence based profession and conducting research is vital as it gives up-to-date information which is fundamental for nursing (Polit and Beck, 2010), as research is crucial in supplying evidence on the strengths and limitations of clinical interventions. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (2008) state that as a professional practitioner you must deliver […]

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The Nurses Role in Relation to Communicating Effectively in Practice

The aim of this essay is to consider how the nurse’s role is effective in relation to communicating in practice. I will investigate the definition of communication and its theories as well as the facilitators and barriers to effective communication, using journals and texts to support the validity of these theories. Included within this assignment […]

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The Role of the Mentor in Facilitating Learning for Short Placements

During their second year, pre-registration nursing students come to the community for a short twoweek placement to gain an understanding of primary care and community nursing skills. The purpose of this essay is to explore the experience of mentoring students during these two weeks. I intend to reflect on factors which impact on learning and […]

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Portfolio of Evidence to Demonstrate Care of a Client from Clinical Placement

The aim of this assignment is to produce a portfolio of evidence based on two nursing needs. A client from practice will be incorporated throughout in order to demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the problems of the chosen client and the nursing care provided to alleviate them. Firstly, this paper will present the […]

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Nursing Skills and The Delivery Of Care

The range of skills used in the problem based learning sessions was substantial and diverse. The ability to work together as a team was crucial to the project, it was also necessary to communicate effectively, to research the topic using appropriate methods of enquiry, and to aptly employ obligatory skills such as diplomacy and compromise […]

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Challenges in Nursing Homes Care

Nursing homes in America have underwent some drastic changes that have made giving good care in their facilities more challenging than it used to be. The pay for working in nursing homes is not as competitive as other settings. This may create an environment where there is not enough staff which can leave overworked staff […]

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Nursing home

Being in a nursing home placement, there are many things that should be remembered and embraced. This is done through the care value base. There are at least five examples that have been used to protect the client/ service user. The five are: * Maintaining confidentiality of information * Promoting and supporting individual’s right to […]

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Adult Nursing

Ault nursing is a rewarding carer; this is where you get to look after other people who are under your care. As an adult nurse you will come across a lot of challenges whether with your patients not willing to take correct actions to get better or you not wanting to get alone with your […]

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Nursing Practicum

I was allocated to C6 ward, B5 ward, CSSD, Paediatric ward and B7 ward. Comparing with last practicum, the more the nursing procedures I have learnt, the more the treatment I can do and handle. It seems that I become an useful person in the ward routine. Also precisely because of this, I have experienced […]

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