There are all sorts of customers; in businesses, some are old and they may need help, for example customers on wheel chairs, customers who cannot speak English and have difficult in explaining what they want and many more. I am going to investigate how businesses deal with their customers. Special needs: keep in mind that […]

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Describe ways of identifying and meeting development needs

In order to discover personal development needs, an individual will need to perform a self-accessment. This can be achieved by looking at own strengths and weaknesses. During a self-assessment, one needs to realise about everything that has happened over a period of time. Over that specific period, there is the chance to consider strengths and […]

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Thinking Behind Customer Relationships

In this new business era, managing individual customer relationships means an organization will use the knowledge gained from these relationships to improve the quality of the overall customer experience. Consequently, it is important for an enterprise to understand what constitutes a relationship, how relationships are formed, and how they can be strengthened or weakened. Many […]

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Pursuing Information Technology and MIS Enhancements

Pursuing Information Technology and MIS enhancements is a great move for businesses. With information technology, you can share data more quickly and reach a broader spectrum of customers. It provides for a quicker response and breaks up the monotony of single phone calls. MIS, or Management Information System, helps businesses to manage more effectively. It […]

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Knowing How to Relate to Your Customers

When working In a retail store, how would you approach a person with a visual impairment? When approaching a person with a visual impairment I would speak clearly and introduce myself. Then would ask them if it ok for them to take my arm so I can guide them around the store If they do […]

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Issue in Customer Relationship Management

This is the issue at hand in a class action lawsuit against Toys “R” Us for allegedly failing to provide customers with full refunds on items purchased with promotional gift cards or discounts. Allegedly, Toys “R” Us customers who purchased items from the store that offered free gift cards, buy-one-get-one-50-percent-off discounts or other benefits received […]

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Warped Tour and Vans

Vans’ earliest customers were surfers, high school students, mostly teenagers. They played some sports, liked practical yet fashionable and inexpensive customized shoes. Authenticity, style, affordability and quality were their main motives while buying Vans’ shoes. It then evolved with skateboarders and their followers. Skateboarders favored Vans because of the functionality of the shoes (the rubber […]

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Total Quality Management

Total quality management (TQM) implemented by Bengar Industrial Company involves the attitude of the employees towards work. They must be on time, and must not recur absences especially when a project is ongoing. The employees must be knowledgeable of the machines in their department. Focus on Customers Bengar Industrial Company provides services and produce products […]

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Services Simulation Report

1. Customer Satisfaction pertains to the pleasure or contentment that consumers experience when they are provided with particular goods or services. Perhaps based on obtained knowledge as well as experience in being a customer myself, the key driver of customer satisfaction is the ability of available goods and services to fulfill the basic needs of […]

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Seimens Medical Solutions: Training and Development

Siemens Medical Solutions integrates all the items found in the checklists highlighted in the Ultimate Business Resource (2002) including the “Communicate and Seek Feedback” alongside the “Measure, Adapt and Review” approach. They approach customer service through live chat making performance management easy for stakeholders – employees. Siemens commits to specialized trainings for her staff and […]

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Roles of Internet in Globalization of Business

New advanced forms of communication have been opened by the internet and other related technologies (Anon, 1998). This has reduced the cost of many kinds of business interactions as well as bringing firms and consumers around the globe into a closer proximity than never before (Anon, 1998). Additionally many obstacles to efficient market performance have […]

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The Fundamentals of Queuing System

Hamdy Taha (1998, p 607) defines the queue as a waiting line system. The study of queues had become a measure of performance of the waiting line situation which includes the evaluation of the queue length, waiting time and the others. The information gathered from this study is used to determine the service needed for […]

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Conceptualizing a Business

Health Bod is a store focused upon relaxation as an aid in healthy living. Health Bod provides a variety of products, tools, and techniques for customers to practice at home relaxation therapy. These products include body and cosmetic services, aroma therapy products, reflexology, perfumes, and candles. The achievement of a healthy balance of mind, spirit, […]

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