Tae kwon do Basic Information

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Tae kwon do is the form of martial art that originated from Korea. Many people are not familiar with this form. It is now practiced and became the national game of Korea. But the people, who try to learn this sport, feel more then entertained in its learning session. Nowadays this game has become a form of exercise and self defense. It is just similar to boxing where the fighter comes together in the arena with one another. It is not game of kid to learn this game as it requires much practice and training before the competitor goes into the fighting arena. The technicality of this game is very intricate, and the competitors must be aware in prior about the hits and strikes as all the hits and strikes are not legal there certain norms of this game, and on the other hand the competitors should also know how to gain points.

It is obligatory that both the fighters should wear protection gears in order to follow the rules and the regulation of the game. As it is, there are only three rounds, and the time span for each round is about three minutes, and to relax the referee provides only one minute break in between the rounds. Once one of the fighters is knocked down the referee start counting and if the fighter can’t raise his hand before the referee counts to eight, then the fighter will be declared as loser and also he will be declared as a knock-out by the opponent.

In order to win the fighter has to strike his opponent with immense energy unexpectedly. There are also some areas where the competitors cannot hit, and the area below the waistline is the restricted area where the competitor can’t hit and the back of the head is also restricted, if somehow the fighter hits those areas then it will be counted as foul, as they are restricted areas according to the norms of this game. The areas where the competitors can hits are the front of the head, chest and the torso this are the legal areas to strike, and defensive gear is to be worn in such areas to guard the competitors from severe injury. The competitors can strikes both through kicks and punches with the objective of knocking the opponent out the arena.

In order to become a perfect fighter you have to possess both control and power. The reason behind is that a fighter requires much force to strike an opponent, and also to the specific areas that are allowed for striking. It is very essential that the fighter should deliver his strikes in very powerful manner and accurately so that the opponent loses quickly. So to be perfect in this art you have to be trained and also have the ability to spar with accurateness and potency, and to protect himself from the blows and strikes of his opponent. So, do follow these information and instructions and become a perfect fighter.

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