Tactical failure of Argentina against Germany in Quarter Finals,World Cup,2010

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Argentina took the attacking approach in this world cup.Understanding that defence was the weakest link in its armor, Argentine team pushed forward in World cup 2010.That approach had given more thrills leading to quarter final clash with Germany.The strategy of pushing forward relentlessly failed against arch rivals Germany in the quarter final stages .
Tactically weak
Argentina was tactically weak and was following a 4-1-2-3 formation.The game started with Heinze, Demichelis, Burdisso and Otamendi in defense position.Center back Burdisso and Demichelis had a good game.Heinze had a decent match by making the mistake of not going forward.Full back Nicolas Otamendi started the down fall for Argentina when he was beaten by Thomas Muller for Germans’ first goal . Nicolas Otamendi had looked slower in this match and he should have been replaced earlier rather than waiting for Germany to score their second goal.Otamendi was replaced by Javier Pastore and Pastore had a good game.
There was massive gap in the mid field with Angel di Maria and Maxi Rodriguez attacking forward through the flanks leaving captain Javier Mascherano as the sole midfielder. Lionel Messi was forced to get back deeper start an attack and that meant Carlos Tevez and Gonzalo Higuain was found isolated for long periods of time.
Angel di Maria had been the sole person who had looked promising for Argentina and Maradona made the mistake of substituting him with Sergio Aguero in second half. Javier Mascherano played well in patches . Maxi Rodriguez and Messi had a poor game when compared with their standards.
Carlos Tevez had a good game when compared with Gonzalo Higuain. Gonzalo Higuain should have been replaced by Diego Milito when the first half ended.
Argentina gave their inspired performance in second half and they were willing to attack the German forwards much more.
The key points for failure
Argentina failed to contain German forwards in mid field and the defence was starting to function just outside the Argentinean penalty box.
Maxi Rodriguez could have been replaced by Juan Sebastian Veron in the match to infuse more thinking from midfield.
There was less urgency and spontaneity from the Argentinean forwards and the approach was One dimensional.The most notable example came at the end of the first half when Teves should have scored rather than passing to Gonzalo Higuain.The goal was disallowed for offside.

The plus points

Argentina were an unselfish side and sportsmanship has to be applauded after the match against Germany.There has to be more ruthlessness in attack against strong teams and I hope Maradona will stay as coach of La Albiceleste coach and guide them forward.

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