Table Tennis – The Technicalities of the Sport

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Table tennis is a popular sport in the world of sports and with more than three hundred million active members of government association worldwide. From 1988, this sport was included in the Olympics in which four different events were categorized: single men’s, single women’s, double women’s and double men’s. It also known as ping pong and is an immensely popular Olympics and international sport. It is the most famous racket sport in the entire world.

It originated in the 18th century in Britain and since then has spread all across the world. It was made an Olympics sport in 1988 in the Seoul Olympics and till date China is number one in tennis with around 80% of the tennis medals at Olympics and other international tennis events to its name. The rules and regulations of tennis are managed by the international table tennis federation. The ITTF originated in the year 1996 and has been active in controlling the different aspects of the game since then.

The game is played with two or four players as a team. The rules are vaguely different but the concept remains the same. The game is played on a 9 ft x 5 ft x 30 inches high or (274 cm x 152.5 cm x 76 cm high) approximately. The international table tennis federation requires an aggregate playing area must not be less than 14 m long, 5 m high, 7 m wide for the table tennis tournaments. In table tennis a skilled player can divulge the different type of spin to the ball, alternating its route and off-putting an opponent’s option to good advantage.

This game is played using a racket and a hollow ball. It has two or four players depending if it’s a singles or a doubles match. The players have a table between then which has a net in the middle. The rules for playing the singles and the doubles are slightly different. In professional table tennis matches, speed, spin, strategy, placement and tactics are very important parts of the game.

In these sports, the modern rackets are covered with the thin layer of rubber on the racket surface and the rubber can have the pimples on inward or outward as well as on the layer of the thin layer of sponge rubber between rubber surface and wooden center. The ball which is used in the tournaments of table tennis has a diameter of forty mm ( approx. thirty- eight mm ), which is made up of celluloid and looks hollow. A 3-star rated ball usually implies the top and better quality of the ball, in relation to its roundness, bounce and steadiness between balls of the same type. There are different kinds of rackets available in the market in different price ranges and types.

Some of the popular players of the games are Chiang Peng-lung, Zoran Primorac, Hugo Hoyama, Peter Karlsson, Johnny Huang, Jan-Ove Waldner, Andrzej Grubba, Jorg Rosskopf, Kong Linghui, Ashraf Helmy and Paul Langley Jean-Michel Saive.

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