Table Tennis – The Racket Sport With A High Popularity

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One of the racket sports that has been able to gain the highest popularity in the world is Table Tennis. In this sport, the total number of players involved is either two or four. These players make use of the rackets to play a ball which is very lightweight from one position to another.

The use of a hard table is made to play this game and there is a net in the center of this table which actually divides it. When the players get the ball on their side, they are generally allowed only one single bounce except for the initial serve where the players are allowed two bounces. After these allowed bounces, the player must be sent back to the opponent. It is possible to score points in this game when the opponent player is not able to send back the ball within the allowed bounces.

Since the game is really fast, therefore it is important that all the players who are involved in this game display different reactions quickly. Some of the players are also able to change the trajectory of the ball by extending different types of spins to the ball. By doing so, these players are also successful in offering only very limited options to the opponent.

There are several associations that are governing this sport worldwide. In fact, in these associations, the number of the active members is even more than 300 million. The international organization that is regulating the sport of Table Tennis worldwide is ITTF. This federation of table tennis first came into existence in the year 1926.

Table Tennis is also recognized as a sport in Olympics since the year 1988 and the total number of categories that are a part of this sport is four. The four categories of events for this sport during the period 1988 to 2004 were women’s singles, men’s singles, women’s doubles and men’s double’s. The different team events have however replaced most double events since the year 2008. The concept of table tennis is quite similar to that of tennis as a sport. The rules regulating and controlling these two sports are definitely different from each other.

The role of placement, speed, the spinning of the ball, tactics and strategy involved in the game has been well established in the competitive matches of table tennis. There are different types of rackets that are used to play this game. However, the striking surface of most of the contemporary rackets is covered by rubber in a thin layer form. A sponge thin layer also exists between the surface of the rubber and the wood center. Some of the important determining factors that ensure the kind of spin and the speed may be imparted by the player to the ball through his racket are the rubber composition and the type of combination that has been used for the rubber and the sponge. There are several other improvement measures that have been ensured in most contemporary rackets. These improvements have been ensured in the form of increased stiffness of the blade by making use of synthetic layers or carbon..

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