Table Tennis: Techniques of the Game

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Table tennis started in the 1800s in Britain and was very popular among the rich and the aristocrats. It is also known by the name Ping-Pong. The game consists of two or four players who hit a ball with a lightweight racket. It is played on a table and is very similar to the game Tennis.

In this game the first service is often decided by a toss. The player is supposed to hit the ball so that it passes over the net anyhow. The ball must jump once on the player’s side of the table and then at least once on the opponent’s side of the table. After every two points the service exchanges between the players. If in case both the players have 10 points, the service exchanges after every one point. After each game players swap side of the table.

Players are allowed to grip the racket anyway they want to. Usually the way the players grip their racket is categorized into two styles: Penhold and Shakehold. Even though there are many different ways of gripping a racket as the Law of Table Tennis does not describe the style in which one should hold the racket. One can play different types of strokes but they generally are of two types: Offensive and Defensive. One can play backhand or forehand strokes during the play.

People often have the erroneous belief that table tennis does not require warming up. They always take game very lightly which in all the cases should be avoided. Warming up prepares you for swift synchronized moves. One does not have to do any specific exercises for it though. But still stretching exercises are considered the best for it as it makes your body more flexible.

This game involves least possible risk. But as a safety precaution one adult having the capability to perform first aid should be present. To avoid injuries, players should abstain from using cracked blade as they might break and get airborne.

One can play many tricks with the ball while playing Ping- Pong. Players can spin the ball while in play to confuse the opponent. One can perform backspin serves which often causes trouble to the opponent. Attack as much as you can. It’s been established that the player who performs most of the offensive moves scores most of the points and hence wins.

Choosing the right equipment is another important aspect of this game. A medium-fast blade should be used in the beginning as it allows you to perform more tricks and helps you to work on your technique. Players should serve the ball with their forehand and not backhand as backhand serves make it difficult to hit back with a powerful forehand attack. At the pro level, short serves are considered the best. To perform spins, the players should keep his/her wrist loose. Players often use their best shot at the end of the match which should be avoided. They should use them in the beginning to build a lead and not at the end when they might not help that much.

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