Table Tennis – Offensive and Defensive Strokes

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There are several shots played by the players participating in the sport of Table Tennis. The two most common types of strokes that have been generally used by most of the players in this sport are defensive strokes and offensive strokes. These strokes can be further divided into types of shots. These are forehand and backhand types.

There are different types of offensive strokes that are played by the players participating in table Tennis. Some of the types of these offensive strokes include Speed drive, Loop drive, Smash, Counter drive, and Flip.

The type of offensive stroke in which the racket and the stroke are at a perpendicular angle to each other is termed as the speed drive stroke. In this type of the stroke, the amount of energy that is applied by the player on the ball is translated into the speed of the ball and it does to lead to any spinning effect. Thus, this type of shot is extremely fast and thus it may be difficult to handle by the opponent player. This type of stroke is generally used for building some kind of pressure on the opponent player and it is also helpful in giving a player a chance for preparing himself for an attack with greater degree of power.

Another offensive stroke that is actually opposite of the speed drive stroke is the loop drive stroke. In this case, the effort of the player is to graze the ball. He ensures the same by keeping the direction between the racket and the stroke parallel to each other. This stroke has a great similarity to the kick serve shot which is played in tennis. The degree of difficulty is definitely higher in case of the speed drive stroke when compared to a loop drive stroke.

Yet another type of offensive stroke is the counter drive stroke. This stroke is generally played in one’s own defense when a player has to return back a difficult shot. The effort of the player while playing such a stroke is to ensure that the racket can be kept in a closed form and is also maintained closer to the ball. The player tries to hit the ball in a manner that it travels with a good speed to the other side of the table. The player has to be very careful about the timing of this stroke. If this stroke is played effectively, it can really prove to be extremely effective in nature. The other offensive strokes that can be well made use of by the players are flip and smash.

In addition to the different offensive strokes, there are also several defensive strokes that can also be used by the players. Some of these include Push, Chop, Block, Kill Spin, among others.

The defensive stroke that can contribute towards creating the opportunities to play offensive strokes is the push stroke. The stroke that when played gives the opponent a chance to use the loop drive stroke is termed as the chop stroke. This generally involves a backspin and it is generally taken by the player when he is sufficiently away from the table.

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