Table Tennis: History of the Game

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In eighteen hundred, a game was invented as a sport in Britain. In this time this game was played as an entertainment after the upper class finished their dinner, it was known as wiff-waff. In the ancient time a row of books were made in the center of the table as it divided the two parts of a table and known as net and two books were made as a racket to serve the ball and the ball will continuously hit the one end to another end. After that the game was played with the paddles of the cigar box lids and champagne corks were made as a ball to play the table tennis game.

Finally, in the modern era this game was included in the modern games in United States and Europe and this game was very much flaunted and made the producers to sell the materials or equipments in profitable manner. When the game was played, the sound which gave its first nickname Ping-Pong and Wiff-Waff. In 1901, Before British Producer J. Jaques and Son Ltd made trademarked, the Ping-Pong name was in widely used.

The equipment of the table tennis made a brand name of Jaquesses equipments which made its equipment expensive and a situation was came out in United States where Jaques sold its rights to the Parker Brother. In 1901, a British devotee of table tennis made an innovation and created a celluloid ball and found them perfect for the game, the name of that person was James Gibb.

This trend was followed by E.C.Goode in 1901, which discovered the latest version of the racket by fixing the doted or pimpled to the wooden blade. In 1901 the table tennis sport was very much popularized, books on this sport was wrote by the authors, tournaments was organized and a world championship was organized in 1902. But in twentieth century the table tennis was banned in Russia because they believed that there is an adverse effect on the eyesight of the players. In 1921, the association of table tennis was found in Britain and in 1927, London hosted the first world championship in table tennis.

In 1988 the table tennis sport was introduced as an Olympic sport in Olympics. The rackets which used the rubber sheet combined with the layer change the game dramatically and introduced speed and spin in 1950. This equipment was produced by the Britain person named as S.W. Hancock Ltd. The use of the speed glue increased in the speed and spin.

There is step moved towards stimulating the game of table tennis that subsist to the introduction or the innovation to the sponge rubber but in the classic table tennis game the players can reject the spin and speed of the reversed sponge rubber. The shots of hard bat are impossible to hit against the skilled player and the match of hard bat focus on the strategic side of the table tennis sports and it requires the skillful strategy of the opponent before an attack can became successful.

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